Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review

Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review A Mum Reviews

Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review

Taking your baby’s temperature can often be a bit of a struggle. Traditional thermometers take a long time before you get a reading and are uncomfortable to use whichever end of the body you’re trying to get a reading from. We have an in-ear/forehead thermometer that is very accurate and fast but my daughter is not always happy having it in her ear or touching her forehead.Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review A Mum Reviews

The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is brand new and different to any others on the market. It’s a small device that you plug into your smartphone or tablet. You install a free app (Android or IOS) and soon you can measure your baby’s temperature by holding the device a few centimetres from his or her forehead. It only takes a few seconds to read the temperature and you can even log the whole family’s readings in the app under different profiles.Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review A Mum Reviews

That’s not all it does. The Wishbone thermometer can also measure ambient temperatures which is great to ensure your baby’s bedroom is not too hot or too cold and it can measure the temperature of objects too. It has settings for different types of materials and for example you can check if your baby’s milk is a good temperature to drink. You can also use it on your pets.

The app is really easy to use and nicely designed. It only contains the features that you need and nothing else which makes it clutter free and very easy to navigate.Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review A Mum Reviews

I love how quickly it measures  perfect for wriggly babies and toddlers. I find it really handy that you can use it for different things and not just body temperature.

Sometimes when I use it, I get an error message and it says to re-plug the device. Usually it sorts itself out after being re-plugged but a few times I had to do it repeatedly. Online, some people advice to wiggle the batteries if the error message continues.

To check the accuracy, I measured my temperature with our in-ear thermometer which said 36. degrees and the Wishbone reading said 36.4 degrees. That’s a difference of half a degree. It’s difficult to say which one is correct but human body temperature is supposed to be around 37 degrees and that’s what I usually am. Maybe the distance of 3-5 cm is what gives this difference and the reading might represent the forehead temperature rather than the internal one. It’s always important to get to know your thermometer and to use the same one to monitor changes, as well as knowing the relevant Celsius to Fahrenheit conversions when necessary.

Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review A Mum Reviews

Overall, this little gadget is very handy and innovative. I wish it was slightly less temperamental with the re-plug error messages since I know this is something that would stress me out if I was trying to measure a sick child’s temperature. It would also be great if it came with a small case to store it in so that it would be protected when not in use or when travelling.

Find out more on the Wishbone website where you can also buy the device for £34.99

We were sent this item for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Contains a sponsored link.


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