Wooden Toy Foods Wish List

Wooden Toy Foods Wish List A Mum Reviews

Wooden Toy Foods Wish List

I love food toys and I love wooden toys so wooden toy foods are naturally toys that I really like and luckily so does my daughter. She has these wooden vegetables, a wooden picnic set, wooden lollipops and these wooden cakes that she absolutely loves so I will definitely expand her collection of wooden toy foods soon. It’s fun for her and for me, they are of great quality and much better for you than plastic toys. They are also much prettier! Wooden Toy Foods Wish List A Mum Reviews

I’ve not decided what to get next since there are so many sets that I love. I have collected my favourites in this collage above and all the items are available to buy online from Amazon. Prices are correct at the time of writing.

There’s my wooden toy foods wish list! We don’t need them all, but a girl can dream…

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