10 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

10 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake A Mum Reviews

10 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake

Recently I was challenged by Aqua Pura to see if I could increase my water intake. We all know that drinking enough water is essential to our bodies but most of us don’t drink enough and could do with increasing the amount we drink each day. I’m the same! I usually reach for teas or coffees in the day and end up feeling really thirsty, even parched, come evening.

More than two thirds of our bodies consists of water and drinking enough water helps our bodies function effectively, helping with all kinds of things from flushing out toxins to aiding digestion.

To ensure the right level of hydration the European recommendation is at least 8 glasses of water per day, but if the weather is warm you need more.10 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake A Mum Reviews

Aqua Pura has provided me with a list of the top 10 ways to increase your water intake:

  1. Add fruit slices to water bottles for a refreshing, naturally fruity taste. Lemon and lime wedges add a great citrus twist helping to make water more appealing.
  2. Keep a diary of how much water is consumed per 24-hour period. By tracking the daily intake, it highlights how little you are drinking in comparison to the daily recommended amount.
  3. Technology plays a large part in society, so set a reminder on your phone or email account to encourage water intake throughout the day.
  4. Why not swap morning cups of tea to hot water with freshly squeezed orange, rich in Vitamin C, giving you a tasty pick-me-up.
  5. Encourage every member of the family to get involved so that you get into the habit of drinking more water together
  6. Embrace the child from within and add vibrant, colourful straws to water bottles. You’re likely to sip more when using a straw than just sipping water.
  7. Drink water before and after every meal, it’s a great way to increase water consumption as part of your daily routine.
  8. Bring a bottle of water everywhere. Having a bottle of water in your handbag, car, back-pack and placed beside the bed can increase water consumption; it also enables you to keep a track of how much you’re drinking.
  9. If you love fizzy drinks, try to gradually cut down by drinking water for half of all your drinks, then eventually one fizzy drink per day, and then one per week. Once you start cutting down, your taste buds will change and eventually you won’t need the same sweetness.
  10. Add some sparkle to the day with sparkling water, which has all the same benefits, but a little more fizz.

I love adding lemon or cucumber to my water for a refreshing taste. Some days I fancy a bit more flavour and use a no sugar added squash for a change. Keeping track of how much water I’m consuming is a great way for me to make sure I drink enough. I usually aim for at least 2 litres per day. Doing things together as a family always seems to help and my husband is also trying to drink more water so we are reminding each other to do it. Something I’ve also started doing is always having a glass of water on my desk if it’s there, then I drink it without even thinking about it. Taking a bottle of water with me when we go out also really helps because I usually get thirsty but don’t want to go to a shop just to get some water if we’re busy doing something else.10 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake A Mum Reviews

During this challenge I have been drinking lots of Aqua Pura water every day. I keep my bottles in the fridge so that they’re nice and cold and ready to reach for at any time. I’ve been starting my days with 1-2 bottles and then just grabbing one whenever I’ve run out. I must have been drinking 5-6 bottles a day and it feels so much better being well hydrated during the day and not getting that parched “I forgot to drink water all day” feeling in the evening.

Normally I only have bottled water when I’m travelling or out and about but it’s been really handy having these at home during the challenge. I would definitely choose Aqua Pura again next time I’m away from home and need to get some water.

Aqua Pura natural mineral water is drawn from deep in the heart of the rolling British countryside and is naturally filtered through rocks rich in minerals. The range comes in all shapes and sizes including 330ml to 5 litre bottles. You can read more here.

“Each bottle is bursting with refreshing taste, giving you the hydration you need to get out there and get active.

Our water is perfect for people who enjoy getting out and about, exploring the great outdoors and trying new things.“

We were sent a pack of Aqua Pura bottles to go with this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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