3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch

3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch A Mum Reviews

3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch

Being a mum is and has always been one of the busiest ventures imaginable. Whether it’s planning meals for the family, doing grocery shopping, taking the kids to sports practice, working from home and trying to squeeze in a half hour of personal “me time”, it’s often hard to juggle all the various responsibilities that exist when you’re trying to raise a family.

Planning and coordinating all the numerous tasks you have to take care of can make even the most orderly person feel overwhelmed. It’s for this reason why more and more mums are turning to technology to aid them in their daily tasks. But don’t think about laptops or smartphones – those are old hat – we’re thinking more along the lines of a smartwatch.

When it comes to accessories, watches have always been one of the most versatile and useful accoutrements out there. Not only are they stylish, but they have practical and sentimental value too. Some people look to invest in luxury watches (the likes of Rolex, Breitling, Omega, etc.) with an aim of selling them online (often making a tidy profit), while others simply like to wear them as a status symbol. However, this is about how mums should be using watches – more specifically, smartwatches – as an organisation tool and we’ll discuss the reasons why below.3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch A Mum Reviews

  • Appointment and Practice Reminders

From the time a child starts school, your life is likely to require a new level of organisation you previously never suspected. Extracurricular activities, swimming practice, doctors’ appointments and play dates – a smartwatch will help you segment all of these activities and create reminders and updates about each specific event so much more easily than a phone. It will ensure you’re never overbooked and that tasks and events will never overlap.

  • Fitness Tracker

While taking care of your child’s activities is important, so too is focusing on your physical health. A smartwatch such as a Fitbit is ideal for this task and can be used to track your workout routines, number of steps taken per day, and also helps you track the calories and food you’ve eaten during the day. This type of information is crucial for tracking your fitness progress and it also serves as handy motivation to carry on exercising. Most smartwatches like the Apple Watch also feature a built-in heart rate sensor and can provide other body metrics, such as how well you slept the previous night.

  • It’s Hands-free

For all intents and purposes, most smartwatches can be used almost exactly like a mobile phone. With one, you can answer calls (hands-free!), check your text messages and reply to emails. It obviously might take a bit longer than using a laptop or a smartphone, but it has the added convenience of being attached to your wrist and offers a practical solution to communicating while doing something on-the-go.3 Reasons Why Every Mum Needs A Smartwatch A Mum Reviews

By Marilyn D. James.

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