EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games | AD

There’s no doubt that children love playing on iPads and tablets. For my children, I choose educational games (that are fun too) for their screen time – just like my mum did when choosing computer games for my sisters and I when we were little.

Technology is a big part of our lives and an important part of education too so children should learn to use electronic devices when they are old enough to do so.

Parents have realised that screen time is not all bad – recent research confirmed that more than a third of primary school parents are willing to increase screen time if it helps their child to learn new skills.

Digital learning is an excellent tool to help children learn new skills at home and, with the right platforms, this can be done successfully. 90% of primary school parents agree that it’s important for their child to develop strong digital learning skills.

Most parents want to support their child’s learning at home and numeracy, handwriting, reading, and digital learning are all seen as important skills to work on.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

If you are looking for a way to support your child’s learning through an educational app for children, look no further than EDURINO.

EDURINO is a new digital learning system that provides a series of playful learning games that make screen time meaningful for children aged 4-8 years. EDURINO is already loved by over 100,000 families in Germany and is now available in the UK too.

EDURINO was founded in 2021 by Franziska Meyer and Irene Klemm who were on a mission to provide children with a safe introduction to digital learning through the magic of games. With EDURINO, parents (and educators) can be confident that children are getting effective and engaging tools to support them on their educational journey.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

To get started with EDURINO, head over to their website or to purchase an EDURINO Starter Set which includes an ergonomic pen to use with the app (this helps children perfect their pencil grip which is great for writing skills) and a cute physical figurine which unlocks a learning topic from the EDURINO universe.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

There are currently four starter sets to choose from:

  • Early Numbers and Shapes with Robin
  • Early Coding Skills with Luca
  • Creativity and Design with Yuki
  • Word Games with Niki
EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

You can expand the EDURINO universe by adding individual figurines for more topics. There are currently 5 topics to choose from. There are also some wonderful, money saving bundles to enjoy.

To play, you need to download the app which is completely free and available for Android, IOS and Amazon on all common tablets and smartphones. Once the app has been downloaded, EDURINO is completely internet free, so all the learning content is available offline which means it’s easy to use safely for children and great for using when travelling or on the go too. EDURINO is also ad free and there are no in-app purchases – this is very important to me and many other parents.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

The learning content has been designed by a team of experts in the field – education specialists such as primary school teachers and speech therapists have developed the games and challenges to ensure that they meet age-appropriate learning objectives.

My children are enjoying using the EDURINO system, especially my younger two, aged 4 and 7 years. They love using the pen and the adorable characters to unlock the games. The mix of digital and physical is great and makes it all more fun and interactive. The games themselves are excellent too – they’re bright, colourful, and engaging so the children love playing them. Plus, they’re educational which is important to me. It’s a win-win – the kids get to play fun games that they enjoy, whilst practising digital skills and learning new things.

EDURINO Review – Playful Learning Through Games

So far, we have three figurines and games: Word Games with Niki, Early Coding Skills with Luca, and Early Numbers and Shapes with Robin. They are all great games and we look forward to adding to the collection in the future.


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