3 Reasons You Should Take Probiotics

3 Reasons You Should Take Probiotics A Mum Reviews

3 Reasons You Should Take Probiotics

Probiotics are living microorganisms or types of bacteria that provide health benefits such as supporting a healthy gut microbiome, which contains thousands of beneficial bacteria. This bacteria is vital for digestion and promotes the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the body. The gut is responsible for the creation of essentials vitamins like K and B and immensely affect one’s health as well as influence the risk of disease.

Several studies have been done to show the tremendous benefit of supplementing probiotics and there are numerous foods that also naturally contain these microbes. Foods like pickles, tempeh (an Indonesia soybean product that has been fermented), yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, and kefir (a fermented milk beverage) all contain high amounts of probiotics. The most common microorganisms are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium but yeast can also serve as a beneficial probiotic. It’s important to learn all about bacteria and viruses for you to also be aware of how to manage your food and your lifestyle.

3 Reasons You Should Take Probiotics A Mum Reviews

There are many benefits of consuming these things but below are three of the top reasons to get more of these foods in you diet:

  • To Fight Against Disease

Having a healthy gut means having a healthy body and if you are not getting adequate amounts of healthy bacteria, your entire body can be affected. Your gut can act as a defense mechanism against the intrusion of pathogenic organisms which can directly impact the immune system and cause various types of diseases. These conditions can range from diarrhea, eczema or skin problems, infections, bladder cancer, urinary or vaginal problems, Crohn’s, ulcers and IBS.

  • As Mood Support

The connection of the gut to the brain has now been studied and proven by scientists and researchers. They have shown that the GI tract transmits signals to the central nervous system and mental illness can actually be linked to gastrointestinal system issues. Although more research is needed for treating anxiety or depression with probiotics, this newer research with the GI connection is promising and supplements or fermented foods are worth trying for your Mood Support.

  • To Support a Healthy Weight

Obese people or those with unhealthy amounts of fat in the body can have high levels of bad bacteria called Firmicutes and introducing probiotics into the gut can help reduce Firmicutes. While the production of good bacteria helps to reduce the bad, the gut can become balanced and promote weight loss and a leaner body mass. Studies have shown that getting the right amount of beneficial bacteria can help promote weight loss by allowing the body to release the appetite reducing hormone known as GLP-1. Additionally, probiotics can help generate the protein ANGPTL4, which helps reduce the storage of fat in the body. The decrease in inflammation can even improve or treat obesity and a healthier gut may lower the amount of calories absorbed into the body. Various research has been done with promising results such as a group of woman losing 50% more body fat over a 3-month long time period as opposed to those taking placebo pills. They were even able to keep on losing weight and sustain weight loss during the stage of the study that measured maintenance.

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