3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern

3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern A Mum Reviews

3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern

Provided you have a beautiful landscape surrounding your home, one could go as far as stating that having a conservatory is a must. Not only can they be the perfect place to enjoy a rainy day outside without actually getting wet, they can easily be turned into a greenhouse for your more weather sensitive plants as well. Not to mention, they are of course excellent sunrooms for the winter months.

Since you are reading this, it is quite likely that you already have a conservatory, but wouldn’t mind giving it a fresh, modern look. Given the timeless natural appeal of the conservatory, this is actually quite easy to do and we are going to tell you all about it.

3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern A Mum Reviews

  • Add a Set of Pleated Blinds

Adding a set of pleated conservatory blinds can do wonders for your conservatory both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The modern designs from DotcomBlinds instantly make any outdated conservatory more stylish and put it in tune with recent trends in house décor.

The company also has an entire range of pleated conservatory blinds that come in a variety of shades and styles for you to choose from, but unlike regular blinds, they offer you the choice of choosing the right opacity, which could be a key factor to consider if you have any light sensitive plants in there. And for a classier, modern feel, you can opt for grey wooden blinds as well.

3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern A Mum Reviews

  • Refresh the Greenery

You probably have a few house plants inside the sunroom already, but it’s not exactly a traditional room, and therefore you need more greenery in it in the form of flowering shrubs and climbers.

Don’t worry, you do not have to turn the conservatory into a full-on greenhouse, because we will strike the balance in between with precision.

The beautiful light blue flowers of the plumbago auriculate (Cape leadwort), the fragrances of the stephanotis floribunda and Jasminum azoricum (Azorean jasmine), in addition to the calamondin orange are the perfect additions to any conservatory in the UK.

A bit of temperature controlling inside the conservatory will allow you to keep even more exotic greenery, so that’s one more point to keep in mind.

3 Ways to Make Your Conservatory More Modern A Mum Reviews

  • Change the Furniture

Changing the furniture and the blinds are the easiest ways to change the look in a conservatory of course, but unlike in any of the other rooms, you don’t really have to worry too much about the overall décor.

Try classic log-made furniture, or go with a retro look from the 80s if that is more your style. You can also take the route of minimalism, as this would suit the open-air nature of a conservatory. Note that any soft furnishings may fade in direct sunlight, so steer away from darker shades.

The choice is yours, and the options are limitless, because it’s a conservatory and they do not generally have any significant, pre-existing décor to limit your choice in any department. Nevertheless, do be sure to match your furniture with the right blinds and add some greenery, and you will have a conservatory you will love spending time in!

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