5 Fast DIY Car Modification for Your Next Motor Show

5 Fast DIY Car Modification for Your Next Motor Show A Mum Reviews

5 Fast DIY Car Modification for Your Next Motor Show

Preparing your car for a motor show can be a fun adventure that you can get your whole family involved in, and it is also a great way to add some finishing touches before the big day. While big modifications should be taken care of by a professional, there are simple things that pretty much anyone can do on their own that could make a big difference.

One way of turning the generic look of your car is by changing your plate. A private plate number can give your car an original and unique look by choosing a series of characters that are meaningful and where you can extraordinarily express yourself. By looking at the right specialist, you can buy DVLA number plates without having any issues.

Below are some further easy DIY modifications that could take your vehicle to the next level.

5 Fast DIY Car Modification for Your Next Motor Show A Mum Reviews

  • Install Some Show Plates

One of the fastest and easiest things you could do is get some show plates and install them on the vehicle. You could also add a nice stainless-steel frame to make it stand out even more. Websites like number1plates.com offer all sorts of show plates. These days, you can even get 3D and 4D number plates. Some websites have a build your own plate tool which gives you freedom with your design. Also note that you can get a little more creative with these since they don’t have to be street legal, so don’t be afraid to go for different layouts, fonts, and badges if you feel like it.

  • Install Wiper Brackets

Wiper brackets are another cheap and easy way to improve the way your car looks. These are usually a better idea on high performance or rally types of vehicles. You can find them in all sorts of colours and designs, some more discreet than others. If you want them to really pop out, make sure that you buy them in a different, but complementary colour to your paint job.

5 Fast DIY Car Modification for Your Next Motor Show A Mum Reviews

  • Install a New Gear Knob

Installing a new gear knob is something almost anyone can do on their own, and it can be a big winner with purists. You could go for something classic or original – it’s all up to you. You can even have your gear knob customised with your name on it. Or go for a custom-made hardwood knob for a more luxurious vehicle. This is a nice little touch that real aficionados will surely notice.

  • Headlight Covers

If you want to give your car a stealthy look, or want to go all black, then headlight covers will give your car the perfect “blackout” look that is so popular these days. These are also very cheap and easy to install on your own. Not only that, but they’ll also protect your headlights from scratches as well.

Motor Show A Mum Reviews

  • Install a Custom Hood Ornament

Another cool addition you could make is adding a custom hood ornament. You could really use something that stands out and fits with the car’s branding. Or you could use something that reflects your personality instead. All you have to do is sketch your idea and send it to the manufacturer. Also make sure to follow their instructions for removing your old one and installing your new ornament to avoid mistakes.

These few changes could be all that it takes to take your car over the top and get the attention of judges and onlookers. Try one or all of these tricks if you want to steal the show at your next motor event.

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