6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home

6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home A Mum Reviews

6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home

Some people maintain a clean home seemingly by magic — their homes are always spotless, but you never see them cleaning. The truth is, though, they’re not cleaning wizards; they’ve just established good habits that make it easy for them to keep their house in tip-top shape.

The good news is that these tricks aren’t so hard to learn yourself, even if you’re not a natural neat freak. The tips below are all good habits to develop if you want a clean home but don’t have all day to spend scrubbing and sweeping.

1. They clean as they go.

A lot of messes become harder to clean the longer they sit, and that can make them far more daunting tasks. Cleaning up right away also keeps messes from getting tracked through the house — something that can quickly turn a small job into a massive undertaking. This is especially important in the kitchen. Wipe down the counters while you’re cooking and wash the dishes as soon as you’re done, and you’ll save yourself from ever having to scrub dried-on food mess again.6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home A Mum Reviews

2. They vacuum regularly.

Even if you’re fairly clean, dust and dirt can still settle into your carpets. These tiny particles accumulate between the carpet fibers, wearing down the strands and making them look thin and dingy. Regularly vacuuming prevents damage to your carpets, keeping them soft and vibrant even in high-traffic areas. Make sure you get a vacuum powerful enough to get deep between the fibers (especially if you have plush, high-pile carpets), and try to find time to sweep at least once a week.

3. They make it easy to stay organized.

If you fight a constant battle against clutter, organization can be your secret weapon. The trick is to organize things in a way that fits your lifestyle. Under-furniture storage bins are a great way to keep things you use every day close at hand without accumulating piles of stuff. If the family coats can never make it to the closet, buy a coat rack and put it by the front door. The less effort is required to maintain the system, the more likely it is to stick.6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home A Mum Reviews

 4. They get rid of things they don’t use.

It’s hard to find a place for everything when you have more stuff than you have space. Periodically pick a closet or cabinet to go through thoroughly. Sort the things you want to keep out from the things that you no longer have a use for. If there are things you don’t use but you want to keep for sentimental reasons, designate a box or closet as your “memory space,” so they’re not laying around and getting in the way. You can attack this on a daily basis, too, by preventing things from accumulating in the first place. You might want to keep a recycling bin near the front door, for example, so you can get rid of junk mail before it even makes it to the countertop.

5. They prevent messes from happening.

You don’t have to clean up a mess if it’s not made in the first place. Small preventative measures can save you a lot of time and effort. A mat by the front door can keep the floors in your entire home cleaner, especially if you live somewhere that gets snow in the winter. This doesn’t mean you have to be a obsessed with things being tidy. Again, you want to make sure the rules you set fit with your lifestyle. Instead of banning eating in the TV room, for example, keep coasters and placemats close at hand to limit spills and crumbs. Think about all the habitual messes made in your house and consider whether a small tweak could keep them from happening.6 Easy to Adopt Habits of People who Always Have a Clean Home A Mum Reviews

6. They do a little bit every day.

Cleaning your whole house top to bottom all at once is a lot of work. With a little bit of planning and scheduling, though, you can break the job down into individual tasks and tackle one or two every day, letting you keep a clean home without wasting an entire day going about it. A little bit of organization can help here, too. List out all your recurring cleaning jobs, along with how often they need to be completed. This will help you spread out the work so your day-to-day load is relatively low — and make sure nothing important is being neglected.


The six tips above are just some of the habits of people who always have a clean home. There are other ways to go about it, certainly, but these little tricks will definitely get you off to a great start. It doesn’t take hours of free time to keep your space neat and organized. With a little shift in mindset and a bit of effort every day, maintaining your home’s cleanliness becomes a much easier task.

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