A Christmas Gift Guide for Treating Far Away Friends This Year

A Christmas Gift Guide for Treating Far Away Friends This Year A Mum Reviews

A Christmas Gift Guide for Treating Far Away Friends This Year – Guest Post

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and eating copious amounts of naughty food.  Despite it only being mid-November, I am already making headway on the eating, shh. Who can resist Christmas themed hot drinks and chocolates?

With the nature of Christmas very much revolving around family, friends and generosity, it can often highlight the absence of those who aren’t just an arm’s reach away.  We all know a friend or family member who has vacated to sunnier pastures and therefore are no longer around for the Christmas holiday. They may be out of sight but that does not mean they are out of mind. This gift guide will help you buy something special for those overseas.A Christmas Gift Guide for Treating Far Away Friends This Year A Mum Reviews

  • A Classic Cup of English Tea

Personally, I struggle to cope on my one week holiday without a traditional, proper cup of English tea. As much as the idea of living in a sunnier climate appeals to me, the lack of strong tea does not. Luckily, there are loads of alternative and delicious tea sets you can buy and post to your tea deprived loved one. I’m certain they would welcome this Christmas delivery with open arms, and a slice of cake.

  • The Gift of Snow

For family living in Australia, Christmas day will look more like a scene from your summer holiday as opposed to lots of family members huddling around one table all wearing Christmas knits, fighting off the cold. As glorious as sunbathing weather is, there is a time and a place and Christmas, deserves snow. Give the gift of a white Christmas by sending this novelty instant snow. Cool, right? This needs to be an essential on your stocking fillers list this year.

  • Personalised Marmite

You either love it or hate it, but for those who love it – Marmite is kind of a big deal. Among the long list of changes Brexit is set to bring to the everyday life of UK citizens, loss of Marmite is one.  So, this is a gift for those close and far away. Marmite is hard to come by in most other European countries so a package of the good stuff is sure to be welcomed by your Marmite deprived family and friends. To make this gift even better, you can add their name to the jar and a personal message.

  • Sweet Treats

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘extra special’ and appealing to the eye, then why not send a gift wrapped up in a beautiful tin. These handmade personalised biscuits are the ideal Christmas gift for both adults and children. Nobody said biscuits were just for the kids! Plus, they would taste delicious paired with the personalised tea set.

  • Gift Baskets

One item not enough? If you’re sending to a big family and only wish to pay one shipment cost, then an overseas gift basket would be the ideal solution. You can fill the basket with a selection of different treats choosing to make the basket more boutique or keep it simple with homemade goodies, if you wish. To ensure your basket is Christmas themed you could include shortbread, chutneys, cheese crackers and of course, a spot of bubbly.

I hope the above helps you in your quest to find the perfect gift for your loved one. No matter what you decide, it’s the thought that counts – you considering them speaks louder than anything else. The rest is additional sweetness on top!A Christmas Gift Guide for Treating Far Away Friends This Year A Mum Reviews

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