A Quick Guide To Moving House In London

A Guide To Moving House In London A Mum Reviews

A Quick Guide To Moving House In London

Moving house is tough wherever you are, but moving house within London comes with its own challenges as you need to account for some extra complications such as heavy traffic, parking restrictions as well as narrow doorways and stairwells. How can you make your London move run as smoothly as possible?

  • Declutter Your Home & Your Life

Before you move, go through all of your belongings (this can be done while packing if you are doing this shortly before moving) and only keep the things you really use and love. Don’t move anything to your new house or apartment unnecessarily. If there are some things that you want to keep but don’t need straight away, consider putting items into storage for now. This will help keep the amount of boxes and bags to a minimum which will save lots of time, money and effort on the moving day.

A Guide To Moving House In London A Mum Reviews

  • Plan Your New Home Now

Think about the furniture you have now and consider if they will fit and be of use in your new home. If they will not, then there’s no point in wasting effort moving them across the city. Plan how you are going to furnish your new home and get measurements to ensure that anything you are planning to take with you actually fits. Before you move, get rid of anything you are not taking by giving to charity, selling on, gifting to friends or family or taking to the tip if not in good condition.

Make sure you dismantle any furniture that you are taking, if possible, as this will save space in the moving van and will make it loads easier to carry the things through doorways and up and down stairs.

A Guide To Moving House In London A Mum Reviews

  • Hire a Removals Company

To make your move as easy as possible, find a reputable London Removals Company to help you move. It will save you lots of time and effort, especially if you have a lot of furniture that you’re taking with you. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a removals company is that they can pack up their truck with all your stuff and be ready to drive to the new house as soon as the keys are ready to be handed over to you which means there’s no last minute rushing around trying pack and squashing things into your own car or trying to get a rental van on time. The professional movers will also be much more efficient at packing and carrying things into the new house or apartment safely.

  • Update Your Details

No matter where you live in the UK, there are many people and companies that you need to contact to let them know that you’ve moved and to give them your new address. Find a good check list online and make sure you tick off all the relevant ones. It’s also a good idea to get your mail redirected for at least a few months to make sure no important post ends up with the new owners.

A Guide To Moving House In London A Mum Reviews

  • Celebrate!

Before you move, research the take-away restaurants in your new area and pick a good one so that you can enjoy a nice and easy meal at the end of your busy moving day. If you’ve had friends or family helping you, invite them to share the meal and some drinks with you to thank them and then enjoy your first night of sleep in your new home!

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