Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Advantages of Wooden Blinds A Mum Reviews

Advantages of Wooden Blinds

We moved to our new house nearly a year ago and for our living room bay window, we chose to go with wooden blinds. We looked at many different styles and types, but we knew we wanted wooden ones because they come with many advantages:

  • They Look Great

The first reason we chose wooden blinds over other materials is that they look nicer. Wood is more beautiful than steel or PVC blinds. Steel looks a bit industrial and PVC can look cheap. Wood is a tasteful and timeless option that is naturally beautiful. You can still have fun with colours to match your interior or go for a style that shows the natural wood grain. We went for grey wooden blinds for our living room and are really happy with the result.

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  • They Come in Different Sizes

Wooden blinds come in regular blind sizes as well as chunkier options with wider slats which can change the look a lot. We chose a chunky option for our living room and it looks modern and stylish. Head over to Make My Blinds to browse some options.

  • ¬†They Offer Good Insulation

Wood is naturally an excellent form of insulation and wooden blinds are the most insulating blind option, keeping the heat in your home during the colder months of the year and keeping the heat out during the summer, ensuring your home stays at a comfortable temperature. This should lower your energy bills and save you money over the years.

Advantages of Wooden Blinds A Mum Reviews

  • They are Durable

Wood is a strong and durable material that will last many, many years. Wooden blinds are a good investment as your blinds will look great for a long time and not go out of style either. Unlike steel or PVC-blinds, wooden blind slats will not bend or break easily.

  • They are Easy to Care For

Fabric blinds get dirty quickly as dirt permeates the material and discolours the blinds which makes them hard to clean. With wooden blinds, dust and grime just sit on the surface so can easily be cleaned of with regular dusting.

Advantages of Wooden Blinds A Mum Reviews

  • They Perform Better

Wooden blinds add privacy to your home and block light better than most other blinds that can often be a bit translucent and let light and shadows through. Wood blocks light much better and will keep your home private when you want it to be.

These are my top advantages of wooden blinds over other blind options. If you have any more to add, please let me know in the comments below.

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