Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Child’s Room Well-organized

Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Child’s Room Well-organized

Amazing Ideas To Keep Your Child’s Room Well-organized

Don’t criticize yourself as you glance over the disorganized chaos of your child’s room. With a house to run, a job to do, and home commitments that need attending to, it’s easy (and completely normal!) to lose track of keeping things tidy – especially if you’re unaware of methods or products you can use to keep your child’s room organized.  

1. Get the Kids Involved

There’s one thing children just love to do, and that’s seeking your attention. They can be a nuisance if they’re bored, especially if you’re in the middle of that important Zoom call.

Spend some quality time with them by taking advantage of their need to participate and get them to help you organize their room.

What child wouldn’t love spending time with their toys? So they don’t get distracted, make sure to keep them aware of the bigger picture; a perfect organized space for them to play in.   

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2. Make It like a Game

We all know games are fun, especially for children. Make organizing their room entertaining by turning the process into a game.

  • Speed game: Time them doing a cleaning – task and reward them after they’ve done it.
  • Dice game: Get them to roll the dice – whatever number it lands on relates to a cleaning-up task. Reward them after they’ve done it.
  • Beat the parent: Perfect for the competitive child. For each of you, create a list of tasks that need doing and turn it into a race to finish. Obviously, let them win and reward them for it.

3. Storage Spaces

The best way to help children get involved with the organizing – and most importantly, help you maintain a clean area is by establishing a specific place for their toys, clothes, or shoes. By creating a ‘drop space’ using a children’s wooden dressing up rail, you’ll have a fixed zone to keep their stuff – instead of a pile on the floor. Because positive attention helps children feel useful and safe, ensure to reward them when they leave their stuff in the space you assign them.

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4. Follow Your Lead

Set a good example by practicing what you preach, and keep your spaces organized. It’s no secret that children learn by imitating adult behavior; it’s an essential factor in their learning process.

Teach them why keeping their room clean and organized is important by letting them see you put their stuff away and make a point of why you’re doing it.

5. Use Practical Furniture That Lasts 

Using furniture that is practical and doesn’t take up too much space or look too imposing can actually help keep the room looking more organized. Think about getting furniture that doubles as storage. You should also have fun storage boxes that are assigned to specific items such as their toys or their books and so on.

Kids will be kids, and it’s an unrealistic expectation to want everything to be perfect at all times. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t teach your kids that being neat at the end of the day can be a fun exercise as well! By using the advice provided here, you’ll be successful at keeping your children’s room well organized with no stress whatsoever. 

Author: Allen Brown.

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