Are you a Hodophile? Here are The Best Travel Shows for You

Are you a Hodophile? Here are The Best Travel Shows for You

Are you a Hodophile? Here are The best Travel Shows for You

Traveling is the best way to learn about yourself. Now and then, we need a travel show to binge and delve into the cinematic adventures of self-discovery and growth. An excellent travel show takes us somewhere, teaches us something new, and hopefully ignites our wanderlust fires to hit the road… someday.

Hulu has a compelling content library of the best travel shows. Most travel shows that come up under travel focus on food and city explorations. Travel and food are invariably intertwined because it is an innate part of the culture. We have enlisted the best travel shows available on Hulu. Hulu is a geo-restricted streaming service because of the licensing and copyright policies. Therefore, if you watch Hulu in UK, you will encounter the geo-restriction error. To bypass the geo-limitation, you must use a premium VPN.

  • Up to Speed

Up to Speed was Hulu’s first production into the travel television series. The show combined the cinematic understanding of Richard Linklater – the incredible storyteller who made Dazed and Confused, Before trilogy, Bernie, and New York City’s eccentric tour guide Timothy Speed Levitch. The six-episode season is one of the most peculiar travels shows ever created. Speed travels around the lesser-known landmarks of six locations in San Francisco, Kansas, Chicago, New York City, Virginia, and The Tour Guides Convention to discover the untapped beauties and stories. It is a gripping, very informational, raw and quirky tv series. Watch Up to Speed now to get the travel vibes while being comfortable at home.

  • The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the cornerstone of the reality travel series. However, it needs a re-introduction in 2022. The race-around-the-globe gameshow has been around since 2001. It has about 34 seasons. You can watch this incredible travel show on Hulu right now. It involves eleven teams of two in a race to solve the mind-bending quests and larger than life adventures. The race cycle is divided into several legs. Usually, each episode covers one leg. Are you looking for a long-term binge-watching series? Well, The Amazing Race is a phenomenal show. You will see diverse locales, plenty of stunts, and drama-laden chronicles to keep you entertained and glued to your screens for hours.

  • Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost

Instagram travel influencers and renowned YouTubers, the Vagabrothers, launched their first show on Tastemade with a magnificent and unique outlook on the travel series. Basic Vs. Baller is the inspiration you have been looking for to travel and discover the parts of yourself and the world you thought never existed. The brother rolls into new locations and splits up to cover more ground and provide hilarious insights about the culture and history of different places.

One takes on the city in the available budget, and the other goes all out as only a baller can. It’s fascinating to see the same place from two very different perspectives. It has one season and 10 episodes. You can easily binge this show in an evening on major streaming platforms.

  • Huang’s World

Huang’s World is a coming-of-age travel show about Chef Eddie Huang. It is a modern, and meaningful TV series focused on food and travel. The protagonist’s real purpose while traveling is to dive deep into the varied cultures and learn as much as he can about them, whether food is involved or not. There’s a definite sense of the show being a knock-off of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and No Reservations. However, Huang’s curiosity and friendliness make the show different and binge-worthy.

  • Man vs. Wild

Wandering in the wild is an adventurous endeavor. Man vs. Wild is a survival reality television series. Travel and adventure are the cornerstones of this series. Bear Grylls goes through the hardships of surviving seemingly impossible situations in the wilderness to teach survival techniques while also being hilarious and entertaining.

  • Travel Man: 48 Hours in…

In this insightful and entertaining British travel show, director-actor-writer Richard Ayoade travels the world with a celebrity fellow, and jokes ensue. The show does lean into being entertaining upfront, but Ayoade and guests always find time to provide some helpful tips for every location they visit. The show’s concept is to explore the city within a 48-hour window. It is a binge-worthy show as it inspires you to travel on your own and enjoy your presence.

  • Abandoned

It is a wonderfully peculiar travel show archived in Hulu’s compelling content library. Legendary skateboarder Rick McCrank travels around the United States and Canada’s emptied towns, industrial centers, and neighborhoods with his skateboard underfoot. It’s part travel, part inspirational, and part dreamscape. The show goes beyond the obvious at every turn, with McCrank talking to the locals who live in places emptied by nuclear waste, political abandonment, and economic upheavals. It’s as culturally captivating and travel-inspiring.

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