Aromatherapy – All You Need to Know to Get Started

Aromatherapy - All You Need to Know to Get Started A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

Aromatherapy – All You Need to Know to Get Started

Before we begin this post, we want to point out the obvious. Aromatherapy has been used for generations and it continues to work today. There are essential oils for healing, focus, energy, and rest so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

One of the most popular ways that aromatherapy helps the body is by calming the nerves, and giving us a positive outlook on life. In a word, certain oils, when used on the human body make you feel happy. This means people who may be ill, stressed, fearful, and anxious are calmed and able to feel relaxed enough to handle their situations.Aromatherapy - All You Need to Know to Get Started A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

  • Scientific Proof

As with most items used well before there were doctors hospitals, and modern medical equipment, people associated a lot of the natural remedies with old wives tales and witch doctors and gave it very little respect.

Many times, they even make up their own “reasons” why something happens. For example, if your grandmother always smelled of lavender, and you knew your grandmother was going to pamper you, make you cookies and play checkers with you; you may associate the smell of lavender with happy thoughts.

Science wanted to take this a step further. We can take the research all the way back to Hippocrates who is considered the father medication, we will instead give you more recent data for easier understanding. Click here for reports that tell you the positive influence aromatherapies has on your mind and mood from the Mayo Clinic.Aromatherapy - All You Need to Know to Get Started A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

  • Why is this so important

World leaders and experts on the planet as we know it agree, there are some very big changes coming that will affect the way we live. Some of the changes will be well received and some will cause unbelievable amounts of stress.

These changes are unavoidable. But the use of essential oils will make a huge difference. You must have a clear mind. You must control your happiness and outlook on life in order to react correctly to the elements of our changing world. The easiest way you can dispense the essential oils you and the people around you is by using an oil burner. It is effective, portable, and produces great results fast.Aromatherapy - All You Need to Know to Get Started A Mum Reviews A Mum Reviews

  • More Information

There are many books on essential oils and aromatherapy. Since this post is concentrating on oils that affect the mood and your happiness, we’ll mention that the internet can provide recipes for that purpose. However, we do recommend you learn as much as you can about the various combinations you may need for  other health concerns.

  • Warnings

Essential oils are very strong. Some people will rub a drop or two on their skin if they are going to be out an about. Never rub essential oils on the skin of a child under the age for six. The best choice if you are unsure is to use 2-3 drops of essential oil per 100 drops of base oil. Light is not essential oils best friend so buy very dark bottles with tight-fitting lid and store your oils in a cool dark place.

Once you begin to use essential oils, you will never go back to store-bought product for relaxation again.

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