How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies

How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies

How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies | AD

Parenthood comes with many challenges – some that you might have never even imagined having to deal with. As parents, one of our main priorities in life is of course the health and well-being of our children. One area that this includes is our children’s ear health. Read on to learn more.

  • What is Earwax?

Earwax is a normal part of healthy ears. It’s a protective secretion of the ceruminous glands in the outer ear and it stops dust, dirt and germs coming into the ear canal, where they could cause damage. Earwax is also a bit acidic which naturally helps protect your ears from infection.

  • Earwax Build-Up Causes

A build-up of earwax is quite a common problem and one that’s more likely to occur in adults, especially older adults and ones that use hearing aids or put other instruments in their ears. Earwax build-up is also more likely for people who are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety but can also be causes by diet or genetics. Some people simply have narrow ear canals, or skin conditions that affect the area around the ear, or are more prone to ear infections, for example.

How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies
  • How to Remove Earwax Build-Up

Earwax is supposed to just fall out on its own but sometimes the build-up is too much and could be blocking the ear. Symptoms of this includes earache, feeling that the ear is blocked, ringing or buzzing ears, feeling sick/dizzy, and/or experiencing hearing loss.

Do not use cotton buds to try to remove the excess earwax as this is likely to simply push the wax further into the ear canal and cause a blockage. It can also lead to ear damage and infection.

If your baby or child seems to be experiencing ear pain or is having discharge from their ears, talk to your GP or a pharmacist about what you can do.

One treatment that is likely to be recommended is to use an olive oil spray to naturally encourage the wax to move out of the ear. Baby Earol® is a product that has been developed to naturally remove earwax in babies. It’s clinically proven and created by Earol who has over 15 years of experience providing effective earwax removal solutions. This new product is suitable for babies aged 6 months+ and offers a natural and safe solution for parents to help their little ones with their discomfort.

How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies

Baby Earol® softens and naturally releases the earwax safely. The formula contains a blend of natural ingredients such as pharmaceutical grade olive oil, conveniently delivered in a handy spray format to provide a metered does of 0.05ml of olive oil straight into the ear canal. The patented design has been created with babies’ safety in mind, and the tapered actuator makes it impossible to insert it too far into your baby’s ear canal. Parents can feel sure that this is a gentle way to remove earwax build up, without damaging your child’s ears. The design also ensure that there is no product wastage or mess.

Hilary Harkin, who leads an Ear Care Clinic at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, comments:

“Baby Earol® has improved our ability to manage wax in babies and has reduced the number of problems we used to see in ears before the use of the Baby Earol® spray. Any implement used to clean the ear such as a cotton bud can cause damage to the delicate ears, but one spray of Baby Earol® can help the ear to naturally expel the wax. Generally one spray in each ear, once a week can help reduce itchy ears and reduce problems with earwax”.

How to Naturally Remove Earwax Build-Up in Babies

You can purchase Baby Earol® from Boots instore and online, from and other retailers too. The RRP is £6.50 for 10ml, which provides approximately 180 doses. Find out more at


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