My Baby’s Favourite Teethers

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Teething babies love to chew things and it’s good to have some safe and chew-friendly toys for your baby to get his or her teeth (or gums) dug into. Here are my baby’s favourite teethers:

  1. A water filled ring with different textures – this was the first teether we bought and it’s still being used a lot. They can be chilled and can be found for a couple of pounds in most supermarkets or in Mothercare (for a few more pounds!).
  2. The fish! This is the absolute favourite! Different textures and shapes, fun colours, things that rattle and easy to hold. My baby makes lots of funny noises rubbing this in her mouth. We got this one in a goody bag after we did a charity pram walk. I think it was donated by Mothercare but I’m not 100% sure. I can only find it online here.
  3. The East Coast Nursery Sassy Ring-O-Links Teethers are hugely popular in our house and are great for taking with you when you go out since you can clip them onto anything and avoid them falling on the floor. See my full review here.
  4. We have the pink hand teether that my mother-in-law got us from Boots. This is water filled like the ring and is textured so probably nice for itchy gums. Also good for practising High-Fives! It’s no longer on the Boots website but can be found in Mothercare.

All four of these teethers can be washed easily, which is very important since they get chewed and dropped A LOT.

What’s your little one’s favourite teether?

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