Best Mini Microwave Tips That You Will Ever Read!

Best Mini Microwave Tips That You Will Ever Read!

Best Mini Microwave Tips That You Will Ever Read!

Firstly, What is a Mini Microwave? Today, with every device going cordless, wireless and portable, how can microwaves not follow the same trend. This is why now we have small and compact size microwaves that are much more convenient and easy to use. Unlike the traditional microwaves, mini microwaves take up limited space on your counter thus allowing you to store other items as well. Though they may be smaller in size that does not comprise on the features or quality of the product.

With the home sizes getting smaller each day, we can’t afford to have huge sized products in our limited house setup. This is why it is best to invest in mini microwaves as they have the perfect requirements for our needs. At the same time, with mini microwaves, you can easily carry them around for travelling purposes as well. Since they are portable devices and lightweight, carrying them along if needed is easy. There are quite a number of benefits of purchasing mini microwaves that we shall discuss further.

Best Mini Microwave Tips That You Will Ever Read!

Interesting Health Benefits Of Using Mini Microwaves To Cook Food

With mini microwave entering every household, we need to be aware of the amazing benefits of cooking food in them rather than on a traditional stove-top. In this section, we will look at the numerous benefits of using mini microwaves.

• You can not only use mini microwaves to heat food but also make food items from scratch like mac and cheese, cookies, poached eggs, potato chips and even popcorn.

• Mini microwaves consume less space in your kitchen which allows you additional space to store other things.

• Food cooks faster in a microwave so consumes less energy.

• Microwaving is known to prevent acrylamide in potatoes. Acrylamide is known to be a concern for the possible carcinogen.

• Microwave radiation is known to penetrate deep and cook food evenly in less time.

• If you preheat food in a mini microwave and then place it in a pan or grill, the time to heat the food is reduced. This is also known to prevent the formation of carcinogens.

• Since food is cooked faster in a mini microwave, it retains all the nutrients which is otherwise destroyed in prolonged cooking. Thus your food remains rich in nutrients and vitamins. 

• Leafy vegetables like spinach is known to retain maximum nutrients while cooked in a microwave. On the other hand, when it is cooked on a stove, the vegetable loses about 77% of its essential nutrients.

• Microwaves are safe to use around children as well since they do not produce any flames.

• You can set your preferred cooking time after which the machine turns off by itself.

Best Mini Microwave Tips That You Will Ever Read!

Essential Tips For Using Mini Microwaves

It is not just enough to own mini microwaves but you also need to know how to use them well to avoid cooking disasters. Here are the best tips and tricks that will help you to use mini microwaves to its full potential:

1. Flatten food for even cooking

If your mini microwave is not great at distributing heat evenly, then it is a good idea to flatten out your food before using the microwave. Though it can be very tempting to pile up your food on the plate, this will simply lead to slow cooking right in the middle. The microwave radiation does not travel to the middle of your food which will leave your food cold. Spread out your food evenly and this will give you evenly cooked food.

2. Allow food to stand

We know it can be very tempting to directly pile on your delicious food right after it’s done cooking. However, once the timer goes off, make sure that you allow the food to stand for some time. This is a crucial part of the cooking process that you need to know. Microwaves heat your food from outside in. So once your timer goes off the microwave still continues to heat your food. Every mini microwave will have different standing times based on the food.

3. Check the power level

Do not blast your microwave to the highest power to get your food done faster. Cooking food on the highest power will either burn it our or dry the food out. However, you can use the highest power setting for foods that have a higher water content like soups or dense food like minced meat. Similarly, turn down the power when you need to reheat meals that need slow cooking. You can also look for auto programs in mini microwaves that will select the power level and timer for you.

4. Cover your food

Covering your food while putting them in the mini microwave prevents any kind of mess or splatters. At the same time, it will also make your food taste better. And who would like to clean a pile of mess in the microwave after you are done with the cooking? Covering your food keeps you safe in that aspect. What’s more? This trick is known to lock in moisture that leads to even cooking and prevents drying out. It is also known to speed up the cooking process.

5. Avoid squares

Using square containers to heat or cook your food can lead to drying out. Also, the food right at the corners or rectangular and squares tend to receive a high amount of microwave radiation which can leave your food overcooked. This is why the next time that you choose to cook or heat up food, opt for an oval or circular dish that will make sure that your food is evenly done. This simple trick will help you to cook food evenly and prevent drying or overcooking.

6. Keep it moving

It is best to stir up your food at least once while you are cooking. This is one of the best ways to avoid any dreaded dry or cold spots. Make it a practice to stir at least once from the outside to the inwards. For example, if you have food that you cannot stir like jacket potatoes, chicken or burgers, then you can consider turning them over halfway through the cooking time. It is a great tip for the best results!

7. Use specific containers

If you happen to use the wrong container for cooking or heating in the mini microwave, then this can result in uneven cooking. At the same time, there are high chances that you can even damage your microwave in the process. Also, the food cooked in damaged containers would not be safe to eat as well. If you aren’t sure about which container is the best, then you can perform a small test to check.

• Fill the container with cold water

• Put the container in the microwave for testing

• Heat for a minute

If the container that you happen to use is cold while the water is warm, then the container is apt for microwaving. On the other hand, if the container feels hot, it simply means that the container is absorbing energy. This makes it unsuitable for microwaving.


In this article, we have read in detail about mini microwaves. They are the best and most convenient to use considering the amazing benefits that they have. Not to forget, they have some incredible health benefits as well which is impressive. If you have been looking to purchase one, then we hope this article was able to provide you with the necessary information.

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