Best Ways to Have Fun While Travelling in Western Australia

 Best Ways to Have Fun While Travelling in Western Australia A Mum Reviews

Best Ways to Have Fun While Travelling in Western Australia

Western Australia has numerous things to enjoy while on travel and many things to offer. This includes the beautiful landscapes, beaches, foods, and many more great experiences and of course the famous stunning sunsets that you can admire from the beach. If you’re heading to Western Australia on holiday, read this article for tips on fun things to do while you’re there.

1. Take In a Sunset at Cable Beach

If you Tour Western Australia, you can have a chance to witness the sunset in a unique way. This is where it happens over the ocean right in front of your face. The beautiful scenery can be experienced nowhere else but only in the famous Australian Cable beach. You can also have various drinks to choose from, from various bars across the region. These bars are such as the Sanders and the Broome surf club.

2. Marvel at the Horizontal Falls

This scene is amazing for different reasons. To begin with, one can take a scenic flight right across the coastline from broom to Talboit bay. One special thing here is that you can pass over a cable beach and the Buccaneer Archipelago. The horizontal fall offers great views through its narrow opening that is beautifully located between two escarpments. If you have never seen big tides, then this can be your first chance to see it at a closer range than you can imagine. Best Ways to Have Fun While Travelling in Western Australia A Mum Reviews

3. Swim At Elephant Rocks

Australia has numerous amazing swimming locations across the region. Aside from the others, you do not want to miss the beautiful elephant rocks that lie calmly about 14 km from Denmark, Western Australia. In this place, you can come with your entire family as it is very much a family friendly beach. Aside from viewing the beautiful elephant rocks, you can also swim and snorkel.

4. Swim With Giant Whale Sharks

Another amazing site in Western Australia is the Ningaloo Reef. Here you can experience the beauty of the waters and also have a chance to swim within. The breathtaking thing here is not only swimming but also the fact that you can swim with the biggest species of sharks, the whale sharks. It is amazing as you are able to take a natural view of the big fish as you swim along.

If you prefer to experience the creatures in the water from a boat above, there are plenty of Exmouth tours that will let you experience some of the world’s most beautiful fish and coral species whilst staying dry in the safety of your glass-bottomed boat.

 Best Ways to Have Fun While Travelling in Western Australia A Mum Reviews

5. Take Speedboats at the Horizontal Falls in Cape Leveque

The horizontal fall in this place will give you memories of your lifetime. You can either choose to fly over or simply use a speedboat to cruise through the beauties of the natural world. Aside from the horizontal fall, Western Australia also comprises three great areas you can visit for the great experience. This includes the Kununurra Waterfalls, King George Falls and Mitchell Falls.

6. Fly Over the Bungle Bungles

One thing not to miss is the experience that is riding on the road out to the bungle bungles. You can also choose to fly over too and experience the beautiful looks the bungles provide from above. They comprise of the beehive sandstone domes with heights of about 300 meters above at Purnululu National Park.

In summary, Australia is among the best tourist sites in the world. With lots of fun places to visit, it has with time attracted numerous visitors who have been interested in touring these parts. For over seventeen years now, Western Australia has provided great experience in terms of tour travels too in case you want help planning your travels. If you are planning a visit, the beautiful sites, as recommended in this article, are places that you do not want to miss.

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