Book Review: Falling by Emma Kavanagh

Emma Kavanagh Falling Book Review A Mum Reviews

A few weeks ago, I was sent a new book to review: the debut psychological thriller Falling by Emma Kavanagh. Emma Kavanagh has a PhD in Psychology and has spent many years working as a police and military psychologist but is now a full-time writer.

This book has a lot of potential. I think the story line and the characters and they way their stories come together is really good, but the writing itself didn’t work for me. It seemed like the author was trying a bit too hard, using too many adjectives and focusing too much on the word choices and order and this gets in the way of the story. This made the book a bit difficult to read because the language wasn’t very fluent.

There’s also the issue of typos (first one on page 2!) but this is not the author’s fault. It’s the job of the proofreader to spot these, of course, but for me as a reader I find typos in printed books really obvious and distracting and it does affect my overall opinion of a book.

The story is there and is good, I just think the book needs a bit more work before it’s ready. Or maybe the writing style is simply not my cup of tea.

I was sent this book for free for reviewing purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own and 100% honest, as always.

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