Book Review: Up In The Air from DK Books

Up in the air

Book Review: Up In The Air from DK Books

We have a new book from DK Books that my girls absolutely love. It’s called Up in the Air (written by Zoe Armstrong) and is an illustrated children’s book that celebrates nature around us – more exactly, the nature above us.

Up in the Air: Butterflies, birds, and everything up above


The book is colourful and beautifully illustrated by Sara Ugolotti and encourages children to be present in nature, to look at things, to listen and take notice of what’s going on around and above us.

Up in the Air

Up in the Air is packed with interesting facts about lots of different things. You can see the chapter titles in the photo above. You’ll learn about everything from cloud patterns to constellations, the chirrup of a single sparrow to the cacophony of the dawn chorus, about trees and insects and much, much more.

Up in the Air

We explore animals and habitats from around the world and some things that we all share like the sky above us, looking at different types of clouds and the planets and the stars in the sky at night.

Different types of clouds

My 5-year-old is especially fascinated with the cloud chapter above and my 7-year-old loves the spread about different types of rainbows.

Up in the Air DK BOOKS

It’s a fascinating book full of interesting facts and captivating illustrations that encourages children to discover the joy of nature. Great for older children to read on their own and younger ones to read with parents/carers. Grown-ups are sure to learn some new things too!

Buy your copy of Up in the Air here.

This book was provided to us for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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