Wonderful Books that We’ve Enjoyed over the Summer | DK Books

Wonderful Books that We’ve Enjoyed over the Summer | DK Books

Summer reading has always been special to me. I remember reading loads of books over the summer when I was a child – old favourites and new additions. Reading indoors when it was raining, reading outside on a sun lounger or leaning on some cushions when the weather was nice. Reading at bedtime, reading on my own, reading with my mum and sisters. Books have always been a big part of my life and the summer holidays were a chance to spend even more time enjoying reading books.

My children love reading too and I haven’t had to do anything special to encourage them to read more over the summer because of that. They’ve enjoyed reading books that we already had, some borrowed books from our children’s book subscription as well as a few new additions from DK Books that I will show you in this blog post.

Making Memories

This is a wonderful book that teaches children how to practice mindfulness, how to journal and scrapbook and how to find calm every day. It’s full of things to do at home or out and about, journal ideas and tips for how to relax and much more. 

Mindfulness for kids

The book is suitable for children from around 8 years and beyond and such a lovely way to introduce children to the concept of living in the moment and how to manage feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear with practical ideas for calming a busy mind. It’s also a great way to encourage children to have some screen-free fun!

how deep is the ocean

My kids are very curious about the ocean and this brilliant ocean encyclopedia is the perfect tool for teaching children all about the ocean with lots of interesting facts. The book has over 200 questions that children might be wondering about along with detailed answers for children to explore.

Books that We've Enjoyed over the Summer DK Books A Mum Reviews

The book includes a wide range of topics in five structured chapters with lots of fascinating diagrams, illustrations, and stunning photography. We also love the Quick Quiz boxes that offer you a great way to test your knowledge and reflect on what you’ve been reading. It’s a great book for children aged 7-9 who are keen to learn new things and who are fascinated by nature.

Camping challenges

We started proper camping as a family in 2021 and it quickly became a hobby of ours. Now I’m always looking for fun camping ideas and this book-and-card set it a great thing to pack on family camping trips.

Camping Challenges features 50 boredom-busting ideas to keep the whole family entertained with ideas to do during the day or at nighttime and activities to keep the family occupied no matter the weather. It’s so important to be well-equipped with entertainment options when camping as sometimes you can get really unlucky with the weather.

Camping Challenges

Whether you’re looking for something outdoorsy to do, some fun games to play, things to entertain the family after dark or on a rainy day – this set has all the ideas you need. The book and cards have the same challenges, with the book including the full instructions of what to do for the chosen activity. Camping Challenges will now live in our camping boxes and come with us on all our future family camping trips.

Mammoth Maths

Maths is a big part of the school years but also all around us in general life too. In this fun guide by award-winning author and illustrator David Macaulay we go through the basics of maths in really fun ways! This original guide is aimed at kids aged 8+ and demonstrates the essential principles of maths in enjoyable and unique ways – guided by a troupe of mammoths. With the mammoths, children explore mathematical ideas with supporting panels with diagrams and extra information to help children really understand (and have fun with) maths.

Mammoth Maths

It’s a fantastic resource for children who already enjoy maths but also for those who might feel like maths is not quite for them as the book has such an interesting and entertaining approach that works well with reluctant learners too. The book features over 60 maths topics in total so there’s plenty to explore and learn!

List Happy

When the word list is mentioned, many people think of more negative lists like never-ending to-do lists for work or life admin or expensive shopping lists. List don’t have to be a negative thing though – they can be used to help you improve your mental health by noticing the good things in your life and finding joy, happiness, and gratitude in the small, everyday things.

By taking time to notice the good things in your life and writing them down, you can boost your mood and learn more things about yourself too and what matters the most in your life and is most important to your happiness and well-being.

Be more mindful

This book is beautiful in many ways – how it’s laid out and illustrated and, of course, the way that the 75 list prompts are designed to help you be happier and help you create mindful moments in your daily life.

You can choose a random list when you feel like doing one for a little positivity boost or work through the book from cover to cover. I’m actively working on my own happiness and trying to be more mindful and appreciative of the good things in life and this book is a great way for me to incorporate this into my day.

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These books are review samples from DK Books. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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