Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday

Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday A Mum Reviews

Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday

As proud parents, every milestone in your child’s life must be celebrated. Even more so when it comes to birthdays, and your child’s first revolution around the sun is always extra special. It’s no secret, however, that throwing birthday parties can be extravagant and can put a hole on your pocket. But to celebrate with style doesn’t mean you need to shell out a fortune.

It is possible to host a fun and fabulous birthday celebration within your budget. All you need are the willingness to make it work and tons of inspiration. So here are some creative ideas to plan your baby’s first birthday party without breaking the bank.

  • Make Sure to Plan Early

Planning early can help you save energy and money. When you’ve laid out your theme and how you want your party to be, you can have more time to buy all the needed materials for the party, preparation like your decors and party favors. You can even take advantage of after-holiday sales, especially when Easter or Christmas has just ended.

Another alternative is to try the dollar stores. Choose favors that you can store for a while. Amassing the party favors all at once can be very expensive, so it’s better to buy them gradually every time you run for errands.

  • Choose an Achievable Theme

Picking a theme can be difficult with all the choices at your disposal. Character themes are extremely popular nowadays, but they can also be harder to pull off and can eat up a considerable part of your budget. Instead, choose a theme that can be realized with minimal cost.

If you have decors that you can repurpose or recycle, then don’t hesitate to do so. People usually go for color themes as they are easier to pull off and won’t take much time, money, and effort.  Or you can go for a milk-and-cookie party, which is perfect for the young guests.Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday A Mum Reviews

  • Keep the Guest List Intimate

It’s great to invite all the people in your life to attend your child’s first birthday party, but when there are budget constraints, you must make the necessary adjustments. This means you have to cut down on your guest list in order to minimize the cost of food and favors. Inviting only your closest friends and relatives will make the occasion more intimate and can help you save considerable amount of money as well as time and energy.

  • Host the Party at Home

Holding the party on a special location that will complement your theme perfectly is every planner’s dream. However, function halls and other venues can be very expensive.

Why not host the party at home? You won’t need to pay for rent and other expenses. This will free your budget for other party needs.Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday A Mum Reviews

  • Make Your Own Decorations

When it comes to decors, keeping them sweet and simple is the way to go. Let your creativity and resourcefulness show by making your own decorations, from DIY crafts to framed photo collages.

There are a lot of decor inspirations from blogs and Pinterest to help you along. If you want to save even more, think of getting cute mini donuts or pretty cupcakes to spice up your dessert table and give you an Instagram-worthy backdrop. You can also tailor the food to complement your party theme.

  • Create Your Goody Bags

Buying your party favors can cost you a lot, that’s why it is advisable to go to thrift stores for some of them. Some moms even create their own goody bags with sheer dedication and creativity. Try baking animal-shaped cookies or making pretty crafts with your own hands, like baby-food jars filled with several goodies.Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday A Mum Reviews

  • Prepare Your Own Food

Food is important in any celebration. You can opt to prepare your own food instead of hiring caterers, especially if you’re not inviting too many guests. Just ensure that you don’t let the time of the party overlap with a major meal so you can simply serve snacks and nibbles.

You can double your efforts in preparing the dessert table, however, as this will appeal to your guests. The focal point of the dessert table is usually the cake, but it doesn’t mean you need to go all-out. Cupcakes and a small birthday cake will do.

  • Pick Inexpensive Entertainment

Birthdays are also about entertainment. How do you keep the attention of the young guests? Playing games and providing entertaining activities are the best way to go. You can use a blow-up kiddie pool where kids can enjoy some ball-pit fun. A bubble station is also a sound idea as long as you keep it simple. Children can’t resist bubbles, after all.Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan Baby’s First Birthday A Mum Reviews

  • Documenting the Occasion

Hiring a professional photographer or videographer is downright expensive, but you can’t forgo the documentation. After all, this is your child’s first birthday, a milestone that should be preserved in photographs or videos.

Don’t be afraid to ask the help of family or friends to help you take photos. Choose someone who is handy with a camera to get your photos in the important moments, like the cake-cutting part.

It does not matter if they are not professionally done. Eventually you can have your photographs framed or gathered in durable photo books, which will make you smile as you look back on them years down the road.


Working on a limited budget should not hinder you from making your beloved little one’s first birthday a blast. There are many ways that you can make it meaningful and truly memorable for your family. With careful planning, dedication, and hard work, one of your child’s many milestones can be fabulous without breaking the bank.

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