Can You Order Your Prescription Online in the U.K.?

Can You Order Your Prescription Online in the U.K.? A Mum Reviews

Can You Order Your Prescription Online in the U.K.?

Prescription drugs or medicines (also known as legend drugs) are those which can only be gotten with the consent of a doctor or any other licensed health practitioner. Medicines which fall into this category are those which can be misused or are potentially harmful when not used under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

When these medicines are administered, the patient is kept under supervision by the health care practitioner. Some prescription drugs even require extra control or supervision from a doctor. So, can this difficult to get medicines to be ordered from an online pharmacy store in the United Kingdom.

Can I buy Prescription Medicines Online in the U.K.?

Considering the nature of these drugs one may be surprised to discover that it is perfectly legal to order many of these drugs online in the U.K. If prescription drugs require consultation, why can they be purchased online?

In the United Kingdom, the required patient–doctor meeting can be done online, and the drug can be prescribed by your online doctor. Because of this, most registered online pharmacies have online doctors, pharmacies, or work with an online healthcare consultancy agency.

Although they conduct tests using communication technologies, online doctors maintain their responsibility as a doctor; making sure the patient is safe. After an online assessment, an online doctor ought to fully explain your condition, prescribe a drug, and give you reasons why that particular treatment is the best option for you.

How to Spot a Rogue Online Pharmacy?

The number of rogue or fraudulent pharmacies have grown alongside registered online pharmacies. If you buy or intend on buying your prescription medication online, it is crucial that you know how to differentiate between a registered pharmacy and rogue pharmacies.

There are simple signs that will help you differentiate between an online pharmacy running within laws and a rogue pharmacy. When you shop at an online pharmacy, look out for the following sign.

  • A registered online pharmacy will always require a doctor’s prescription or have you conduct an online test before selling a prescription drug to you. An online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs without a
  • You have to register and provide some form of information before you can buy medicines at a registered online pharmacy. Run from any online pharmacy that would sell drugs to you without registration.
  • A registered online pharmacy should have a seal or certification on its website from the appropriate registration body.
  • Provide a physical address and contacts with which you can reach the pharmacy other than its website.
  • Offer a pharmacist to answer your question.
  • Its website should be found in the pharmacy licensing database of your region.

Can You Order Your Prescription Online in the U.K.? A Mum Reviews

Which Online U.K. Pharmacy Can I Trust?

The U.K. is one of the pioneers and leaders of online pharmacies. The National Health Service (NHS) is responsible for the registration of online pharmacies while the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) issues a logo for registered online pharmacies.

When you visit an online pharmacy to buy a prescription medication, it is essential that you look out for these logos. There are many registered online pharmacies where you can shop from, among them are:

Pharmica is a great place to begin your quest when sourcing for online pharmacies you can trust in the United Kingdom. This online pharmacy also has a physical pharmacy in London and offers some of the best prices you can get anywhere. It also as contacts of doctors and a number of articles on different health conditions to help patients better understand and manage them.

  • Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy is one of the biggest and most reputable pharmacies in the United Kingdom. Like Pharmacia, it also runs a physical pharmacy store in the U.K. It adheres to all of the laws guiding online pharmacies, this mean that you would need to complete an online assessment before you can purchase medicines. It also offers free delivery to some regions in the U.K.

  • Pharmacy2U

As the first, and now one of the biggest internet pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom. Pharmacy2U began its operations in 1999 and has acted within the law ever since. Its reputation makes it an excellent online pharmacy for you to buy your medicines.

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