Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring – with a Nautical Touch

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring – with a Nautical Touch

Spring is just around the corner which makes it the perfect time to go through your wardrobe to see what can be put away until next autumn/winter, what is worn out, what no longer works for your body or style, and what you no longer love. Once you have done this, you should have a clear vision of what is missing or what could do with an update.

A capsule wardrobe is great for many reasons but the fact that you should have a good overview of what you have is one of my favourite aspects. It makes it much easier to know what to wear and what to buy when you go clothes shopping.

People who have a capsule wardrobe often choose quite classic pieces that can be easily combined with one another and that will stand the test of time both in terms of quality and style. Trends come and go, but most pieces in a capsule wardrobe are versatile enough to work for different trends by accessorizing and styling them differently to achieve different looks.

If you are looking for a few new pieces for a spring wardrobe update for your capsule wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a few nautical-inspired garments. Let’s have a look at a few classic items like this that will work beautifully this spring, this summer, and for many years to come.

Remember to purchase high quality clothes in good materials and to care for your clothes in the right way to make them last as long as possible.

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch
  • A Classic Breton Top

You can’t go wrong with a classic Breton top and its horizontal stripes – it’s a staple in most capsule wardrobes and the perfect way to incorporate seaside fashion into your style. Breton tops are effortless to wear, comfortable and stylish. Classic colour combinations are black and white or navy blue and white but they come in lots of different colourways these days so choose what works best with your complexion and the other items in your wardrobe. There are also different sleeve-lengths, fabrics, necklines, and fits to choose from. A Breton top is a very versatile piece and a great addition to a capsule wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch
  • More Stripes – Jumpers & Dresses

Other clothing items that look great with a stripe include jumpers and dresses. For jumpers, look for heavy knits with details such as buttons. 1/2 zip jumpers are very popular at the moment, but still classic, too. They are great for weather changes too as you can easily adjust the coverage with the zip. Cream jumpers also have a nautical feel.

Summer dresses look great with stripes too and are a spring and summer must-have. Look for classic colour combinations like black and white, and navy blue and white.

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch
  • A Fisherman Raincoat

Spring weather here in the UK often comes with quite a few rain showers too, so be prepared (and stylish!) in a classic fisherman style raincoat. Opt for a waterproof and windproof design to layer over your outfit when the weather turns for the worse. You can’t go wrong with a yellow raincoat but other classic colours like navy blue is always a safe bet too.

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch
  • Linen Clothing

Linen is a brilliant fabric that has so many great properties. It’s eco-friendly, durable, and great for regulating your temperature on warm days. It’s stylish too, so for your nautical spring look, invest in some comfortable linen trousers or shorts, and a linen shirt (perhaps with vertical stripes!). A classic linen shirt looks great with jeans too!

Capsule Wardrobe Updates for Spring with a Nautical Touch
  • Nautical Accessories

To complete a coastal look, find the right accessories that you can enjoy year after year. High quality leather sandals that you can wear day or night, a large beach bag in wicker or canvas, striped towels for the beach, and stylish sun hats (canvas fisherman style ones or perhaps designs made from straw) to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

Bring a bit of coastal life into your wardrobe this spring with a few classic pieces with a nautical feel. This is a great way to update your spring wardrobe with some versatile and stylish staple pieces that I’m sure you will enjoy for a long time.

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