Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner When You Have a Pet

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner When You Have a Pet A Mum Reviews

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner When You Have a Pet

Cleaning is now easier thanks to different technological innovations that help you to remove different kinds of dirt. If you have pets, one of the concerns you probably have is how to clean pet hair, which is constantly shed off and deposited in your carpet and furniture.

This could be addressed by getting a vacuum cleaner that is designed to help easily remove the hair from the surface and carpets. Many pet owners say finding the perfect vacuum cleaner is not easy, but what they lack is guidelines to help them narrow down to the right cleaner. You can check right here on

Here is a guide to help you choose the ideal vacuum cleaner if you have pets:

  • Suction Power

Many people fear highly powered cleaners simply because they translate suction power to mean high power consumption, which is not the case. A vacuum cleaner with good suction power could help and this is with a combination of a number of factors including the motor power, shape of the nozzle, and type of filter used. Good suction capability will help to pick hair particles and it ensures the hair is deposited into the hair bag safely.

  • Capacity

You may want to consider the capacity of the vacuum cleaner as this is a factor that affects the much the cleaner can do before you empty it. A big capacity means you can work on big areas in the house continuously, and this is especially important when you are cleaning parts that are more likely to have a lot of debris. However, you have to note that a large capacity means more weight, so consider the amount of weight you find acceptable for your needs.Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner When You Have a Pet A Mum Reviews

  • Portability

Animal hair vacuum cleaners should be portable and must allow you to navigate into the most hidden areas while cleaning. Pet hair can get deposited at different places and not always on the floors, so you need a cleaner that can reach these other places with ease. In this case you can choose a corded vacuum cleaner with the condition that the cord should be long enough. You can also work with a cordless vacuum cleaner that allows easy portability around the house. Cordless cleaners are powered by rechargeable battery, so you also have to think about the power consumption issue before you get one.

  • Full-sized vs Handheld

You could also consider the size of the vacuum cleaner when looking for one. A full-sized cleaner may come with restriction especially if you want to clean all hair including what is hidden in parts that cannot be reached by a full-sized cleaner. A handheld cleaner comes with the benefit that you can easily access all areas in your house and it makes cleaning easy across all hidden sections. The full-sized cleaner beats the handheld when it comes to suction power, but you may not use that power when the hair is hidden in corners. There are many things you can consider when buying including the suction power and the portability of the cleaner that will help to increase efficiency and allow you to easily clean all hair.

To find out more about choosing a vacuum for pet hair, visit the following page: Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: 6 of the Best [2018].

Hopefully this guide on choosing the best vacuum for pet hair has been useful! If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below.

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