2022 Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People | AD

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews

2022 Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People | AD

The Christmas countdown has begun and if you’ve got presents to buy for friends and family, it’s time to start thinking about what to get. In this gift guide, I’m focussing on gifts that would be suitable for people who love leading an active lifestyle and enjoying the great outdoors. Read on for a bunch of Christmas gift ideas for outdoorsy & active people.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Little Spuggy Handmade Knitted Rainbow Beanie

A warm hat is an outdoorsy must-have and this stunning Vivid Rainbow Beanie from Little Spuggy makes a wonderful Christmas gift! It’s beautifully colourful, bold, and bright and has a baby blue faux fur pop-pom on the top. The hat is double layered with a merino wool lining which is super soft and a hard-wearing wool and nylon blend for the outer layer. It’s really comfortable and warm and looks great too!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews

Little Spuggy is a small business run by Helaina who originally learnt to knit in 2015 to make baby clothes for her firstborn. The business officially started in 2020 with a motivation to create products that are made with soft and snuggly natural yarns. Most of the items from Little Spuggy are made with merino wool and some are made using British wool, cotton, or bamboo.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Thermos Insulated Food Flask

A good insulated flask is another essential – especially for winter adventures! You can’t really have too many either so if you’re buying a gift for someone who might already have one, don’t worry – they’d probably love another one too! We have lots of insulated water bottles and a few flasks for food or coffee and they are all loved and used. Above you can see the Thermos 184807 Stainless King Food Flask which is a durable stainless steel (interior & exterior), vacuum insulated food flask that keeps food hot for 9 hours or cold for 14 hours. It has an insulated lid that doubles up as a bowl and it also includes a spoon that cleverly folds up and fits inside. It’s got a 470ml capacity but there are larger ones available too. I love the gorgeous retro look of these flasks and there are lots of colours available to choose from as well.

Berghaus Fleece Christmas Gift Guide
  • A High Quality Fleece Jacket

An outdoorsy lifestyle requires functional clothing to stay warm and dry in all weathers. It can be hard to buy things like hiking boots and jackets for other people (unless they have specifically asked for a particular product) – accessories like hats, hiking socks and gloves or a jumper or a fleece is easier to select for someone else. A high-quality fleece that looks great too, like this stylish Berghaus Men’s Retrorise Fleece Jacket, would make a great and useful gift for a loved one.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People A Mum Reviews (6)
  • Body: Simple techniques and strategies to heal, reset and restore

An active lifestyle usually goes hand in hand with an interest in health and well-being. It can also sometimes come with injuries from exercise and sports. This new book, Body by internationally recognised osteopath, performance coach and recovery specialist James Davies, is the ultimate guide to preventing pain and fuelling your body the right way so that it can live up to its fullest potential.

James Davies has helped many elite athletes and people from all walks of life improve their performance and stay healthy. This brilliant book is packed with tips on how to live pain free through a holistic approach, easy techniques and strategies to help your body, alongside lots of personal stories too. A great book to give to anyone who’s interested in health and an active lifestyle! You can buy the book Body here.

  • ShiftCam SnapGrip Creator Kit

Now onto a brilliant gift for people who love to capture their outdoorsy adventures for their own collection or to share with others. ShiftCam is a brand with a mission to reinvent how mobile photography today could be even more convenient, compact and comprehensive. The SnapGrip Creator Kit that you can see here is their value bundle of the essentials for creators and includes the following: SnapGrip, SnapPod, SnapLight, Pouch for SnapGrip and SnapLight, Magnetic Sticker, Connection Reset Pin.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People A Mum Reviews

With this set of tools, you’ll be ready to record your adventures in an instant. Everything is very quick and easy to use. The SnapGrip is a portable, lightweight compact grip, dock and charger that allows you to film and photograph with your smartphone securely and comfortably. The SnapPod is a quick-release handle and tripod mount that also works as a selfie stick. The SnapLight is a portable magnetic LED ring light for hands-free lighting when you need it. You’ll be ready to shoot great-quality content in an instant, wherever you are. A great gift for outdoorsy content creators whether it’s their career or a hobby.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People A Mum Reviews
  • Seed Tin & Seeds from Thompson & Morgan

Most outdoorsy people enjoy spending time in their own garden too – they’re not always out on adventures! If you have a friend or a loved one who’s into gardening, then this stunning Seed Tin from Thompson & Morgan would make a lovely gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People A Mum Reviews

The retro style of the tin looks great and the tin is a great size for fitting lots of seed packets, keeping them dry and safe. For an even better gift, fill the tin with a selection of fruit & veg or flower seeds.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews
  • Kelty Roadie Life Camp Galley

For someone who loves to go camping, innovative and useful camping gear make great gifts! Kelty is a leading manufacturer of tents, sleeping bags and camping accessories and they’ve recently launched a collection of useful camping kitchen and car organisers suitable for road trips and camping adventures to keep your gear neat and organised.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People 2022 A Mum Reviews

Here you can see the Kelty Roadie Life Camp Galley which provides plenty of clever storage to keep your cooking equipment organised in your tent. It’s got attachment loops at the top so that you can hang it up, but you can also use it laid flat. It features three zippered pockets at the top for utensils or spice bottles, a zippered lower pocket for more utensils, two sleeves for larger items such as cutting boards and plates and a paper towel roll holder at the bottom – this can also be used as a mini clothesline to hang a towel or a cloth, for example.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy & Active People A Mum Review
  • Leather and Canvas Foraging Pouch from Scaramanga

Foraging has become very popular again and lots of people like to collect other non-edible treasures from nature as well. Whether it’s wild garlic to use for a delicious homemade pesto or beautiful shells from the beach, somewhere to put these things is handy. This cute and practical Leather and Canvas Foraging Pouch from Scaramanga makes a nice gift for someone who loves foraging.

Foraging Pouch

This clever pouch from Scaramanga is made from beautiful waxed canvas and has a distressed leather and stud brass fastening that you can attach to your belt. The 19cm x 22cm bag folds away neatly and compactly when not in use.

Scaramanga Foraging Pouch

Other features include a drawstring closure to keep contents secure. This would also make a great stocking filler gift due to its small size when folded up. It can be personalised to make it even more special.

Hidden Prints Motivational Prints
  • Inspirational & Motivational Prints from Hidden Prints

Hidden Prints specialises in high-quality wall prints and posters. They have a wide range of wall hangings to choose from, including lots of inspirational and motivational prints that are perfect for active and determined people.

Hidden Prints Motivational Prints

Here you can see some of my top picks from Hidden Prints:

Happy Sunshine Print, Get Shit Done Motivational Print, You Aren’t Pasta Kitchen Print, I Never Dreamed Of Success Motivational Print and At The End Of The Day Motivational Print.

Which one is your favourite? Find these and many more on the Hidden Prints website and enjoy 15% off your order with my code AMR15.

Huckleberry Bell Darts & Huckleberry Leaf Cards
  • Kickerland Huckleberry Bell Darts & Huckleberry Leaf Cards

Next up, some outdoorsy entertainment options from Kickerland. Here you can see the beautiful Huckleberry Leaf Cards and the fun Huckleberry Bell Darts. Perfect for enjoying outdoors or in the tent on camping adventures!

Huckleberry Bell Darts & Huckleberry Leaf Cards

The Leaf Cards are simply a set of 52 playing card shaped like leaves – simple but effective and the cards are easy for little ones to hold too. The Bell Darts is a fun and exciting game that can be played anywhere, by anyone. The darts are safe magnetic darts without any sharp bits. They attach onto the bell and the aim is to get a bullseye and make the bell chime. The game comes with a nail that you can use to attach the bell to wood if you want to hang it up, but can you simply place the bell on the ground too. Perfect for outdoorsy family fun!

National Trust Membership
  • National Trust Membership

If you’re looking for a gift that’s more of an experience gift then a National Trust membership is perfect and a gift that keeps on giving through the year. As a member, you can enjoy free access to over 500 places with free parking at most National Trust car parks too. Members also get a National Trust Handbook full of information about the places you can visit and a National Trust Magazine three times a year. This is on my own wish list for our family!

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