Clever Uses for Vinegar Outside of the Kitchen

Clever Uses for Vinegar Outside of the Kitchen A Mum Reviews

Clever Uses for Vinegar Outside of the Kitchen

Vinegar is such a great thing for using around the house to clean all kinds of items. I remember always being so impressed when watching How Clean Is Your House. They always managed to clean most things using natural and healthy things like lemon, bicarbonate soda and regular vinegar.

When vinegar is dissolved in water, the acetic acid breaks apart into two components: hydrogen and acetate. The hydrogen in the solution attempts to bond with any molecule it comes in contact with, which is why it is so great at lifting stains and removing built-up residue on everyday household objects.

It’s a really cheap product that should be a staple in every household. It’s a great way to clean, deodorise and disinfect your home without using harsh chemicals.

We use it quite often to freshen towels in the washing machine, for cleaning the machine itself and for cleaning the shower. It’s also a great stain remover and can even be used to unclog drains. Learn more below.


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