What’s The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors?

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What’s The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors?

On the market, there is a huge variety of hardwood cleaners to choose from. Starting from really cheap ones to ones that are really expensive. That leaves us with the question: Which one is the best one that’s worth buying? Some vacuum cleaners are definitely better than others in terms of longevity and quality. Buying a vacuum cleaner can be quite an investment and you want to choose the right one. You can take a coarse vacuum cleaner test to avoid damage, scratched floors.

To help answer the question above, here is a comparison of two of the best cleaners for hardwood floors. Both of them are good but they each have Pros and Cons!


One of the best functions this cleaner has is that it vacuums and washes your floor at the same time. Smart touch control allows you to switch between both cleaning modes easily.

Of course, this is not the most important thing, but it is good that BISSELL has quite a good looking design too. These days some people hang their cleaners on the wall where everyone can see it, and if you’re doing that, you want a nice looking cleaner.


  • It vacuums and washes at the same time which saves time and effort when cleaning
  • On the handle, there are smart touch controls
  • Easy to use and set everything up
  • This cleaner is very well balanced and lighter than most of the cleaners on the market right now, that means it will not fall or be heavy for you
  • Two tank system included, that means clean and dirty water will be separated
  • It’s possible to remove the powerful dual brush


  • The power cord is short, which means it is harder to clean multiple rooms because you will have to change outputs as you move around the house
  • It’s quite noisy, so you will not be able to clean while somebody else is sleeping or if there are pets who don’t like the vacuum cleaner sound

Hoover FloorMate

This one has water for spinning brushes. This function cleans hardwood floors a lot better than other cleaners available in the market. Thanks to FloorMate functions this model can quickly vacuum, wash and at the end dry all the hard floors.

This one also has a dual tank technology which means FloorMate keeps dirty and clean water separated too.


  • The long power cable that allows you to clean multiple rooms without changing the outputs
  • Dual tank
  • Rubber wheels, it means it will not scratch or damage the floor and more comfortable to maneuver
  • Edge to edge feature which will allow you to clean places others can’t
  • Rotating brushes
  • It has a quick-drying function


  • This one is also quite noisy!
  • It’s not suitable for carpeted floors


If you now think, both of them are great and can’t decide, which one will fit better for you, BISSELL CrossWave or Hoover FloorMate, then here is some more information about which of these cleaners does every function better:

  • First off, what I liked better about FloorMate, it has rubber wheels. I think this extra is quite essential because no one would like to damage their floor. Also, it’s easier to maneuver with rubber wheels than with any others, but in another case, BISSELL is a little lighter than FloorMate, that means more comfortable to carry.
  • This cleaner has a longer power cable, and that is a big plus, easier cleaning for bigger homes, and you can even clean multiple rooms without switching the cable to another place.
  • They both have a dual tank system, which is good. This function always means the cleaner will do its job better. This also means it’s easier to clean the cleaner itself.
  • BISSELL CrosWave has something almost no other cleaner has. Vacuum and wash at the same time function. If you are busy and cleaning fast is essential for you, then BISSELL will help you to do that.
  • If you have carpeted floor and that is a part of what you have to clean, then sadly FloorMate is not able to do that. Lack of this function has made others not to buy this cleaner. FloorMate is an excellent cleaner and has excellent reviews until it comes to carpet cleaning.
  • They are both noisy, but almost any hardwood cleaner is a bit noisy, so it would be hard to find a quiet one!
  • If you are looking for very well balanced cleaner and easy to carry, BISSELL could be the right one for you. It doesn’t feel heavy either, that is an excellent thing about BISSELL.
  • Smart touch control on the handle is something that can make the job easier for everyone. Unfortunately, FloorMate doesn’t have this function. So, this is a plus for BISSELL, because this cleaner does have this function and it works well.

Final Thoughts

If you are asking for my opinion, which is better BISSELL CrossWave or Hoover FloorMate, both of them are pretty good, and each one of them has some unique functions that others don’t have.

But I think BISSELL CrosWave still is a little better than FloorMate if you can ignore the short power cable. The other functions are well-suited for everyone. In my case, I think if hardwood cleaner can even clean carpeted floor, it’s something to amaze, because you don’t have to buy other tools for doing that. You can do it all with the same one.

Of course, FloorMate is excellent too; maybe it fits your needs more than BISSELL. They both have great advanced features included. And both have high ratings and reviews also, it is hard to find someone who could say something really bad about any of these two cleaners.

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