Cloudberries Jigsaws – Beautiful Modern Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Cloudberries Jigsaws – Beautiful Modern Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

Building big 1,000-piece jigsaws has become a new hobby this year. I have always enjoyed jigsaws but this year, they’ve become a passion and I pretty much always have one on the go or one on order. I enjoy doing them on my own or with the kids or with my husband and it’s such a great activity to do. It’s completely screen-free, it’s relaxing but still stimulating and challenging at the same time.

Different fun designs and interesting themes for jigsaws make it more fun too. I’ve bought my kids a Harry Potter one for Christmas but for myself it’s more about artsy prints or illustrations.

A company that makes jigsaws that are just my cup of tea is Cloudberries. They’re a UK-based company that makes fun, design-let jigsaw puzzles for adults and their jigsaws are beautiful!

They have lots of 1,000-piece jigsaws to choose from (see some above), some 500-piece jigsaws and even a couple of 2,000-piece jigsaws! I don’t know if I’m ready for 2,000 pieces yet, but they look amazing.

The jigsaws from Cloudberries are premium-quality puzzles, designed here in the UK and made with sustainably sourced board in Europe. Since January 2020, Cloudberries has been committed to planting one tree for each puzzle sold through their partnership with a leading NGO too which is of course great.

It was hard to choose a jigsaw from the stunning range of Cloudberries puzzles but, in the end, I went for the Fauna Jigsaw Puzzle with 1,000 pieces.

The Cloudberries wildlife themed Fauna Jigsaw Puzzle has 48 individually coloured sections, and this is something I hadn’t seen on a jigsaw before. I was intrigued! It features the same amount of polygon animals – one in each square. You’ll find exotic animals, woodland animals, farm animals, birds, animals that live on land and ones that live under water. It’s the perfect jigsaw for anyone who loves animals. I love the style of illustration and the gorgeous colours.

Initially, I thought that the sections would make it easier to build this jigsaw and it was true at first. After doing the edges, we started from the blue side and it was easy to find the different shades of blue and piece them together.

Moving to the left, it got harder and harder though as many of the beige shades are very similar, making that side more complicated and challenging. There are many similar animals too (several deer for example and animals who are a similar colour on a similar background) which adds to the challenge too.

It was a fun jigsaw to build with the right amount of challenge. It felt like an accomplishment when we finished all the beige pieces and completed the jigsaw and the finished result is so beautiful. The completed puzzle size is 68cm x 48.5cm.

The quality of Cloudberries jigsaws is excellent too – the pieces are cut well and sharply and the pieces slot together perfectly. The jigsaws have a high-quality linen finish which reduces glare too and feels nice to hold in your hands.

I will definitely choose Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles in the future too when adding to my growing jigsaw collection.

Shop directly from Cloudberries, John Lewis, Etsy or If you’re in Sweden, you can buy Cloudberries jigsaws from

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