CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review | AD

My kids love playing with ball runs / marble runs and also love playing with magnetic building toys so when I spotted the ball runs from CONNETIX, I knew they’d love them.

CONNETIX is an Australian company that makes award-winning, open-ended STEAM toys that encourage and develop children’s imagination and creativity, so that children learn and develop new skills while also having lots of fun. These types of toys also grow with the child – from more simple structures and creations to more complicated engineering constructions.

There is a wide range of fun CONNETIX sets to choose from and they all have sturdy tiles made from non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA, lead, and Phthalate free. The tiles are also sealed and riveted for extra safety, and they have a unique bevelled design that provides strength but also lets the tiles create beautiful clear refractions. All the sets from CONNETIX can be combined with one another to extend the building options.

There are currently two ball run sets to choose from as well as two ball run expansion packs. For the ball run sets, you can choose between the Rainbow Ball Run Pack 92 pc and the Pastel Ball Run Pack 106 pc. And to expand these, choose from the Rainbow Ball Run Expansion Pack 66 pc or Pastel Ball Run Expansion Pack 80 pc. These can all be combined with other CONNETIX sets that you already have.

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

We have the CONNETIX 92 Piece Rainbow Ball Run Pack – I can’t resist classic rainbow colours and my kids love making rainbow designs too so I knew this design was the right choice for us.

This fun set includes the following pieces: 36 x connecting squares, 6 x wooden balls, 2 x Y shape split tubes, 2 x long stairs, 2 x S bend tubes, 8 x U shaped tubes (180-degree bend), 8 x slide tubes. 12 x right angle tubes (90-degree bend), 6 x long straight tubes, 8 x short straight tubes and 2 x bowls.

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

You can use this set on its own but you will have much greater building options if you combine this set with other CONNETIX sets. CONNETIX is also compatible with other leading brands of magnetic tiles which is great.

For example, you wouldn’t be able to build the design on the box with just the pieces that are included in this set. Some of the pieces, like the window tiles and the solid tiles, that you can see in the design on the box are not included in the set.

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

Here’s an example of a ball run that we built with this set. It includes all the connecting squares that came in this set but we had lots of tubes left over. We had to use many of our connecting squares for the actual build and to support the ball run.

If you have more CONNETIX pieces from other sets you can of course use them for those things and keep all the connecting squares for holding the tubes and then you’ll be able to build ball runs that are much longer, utilising more of the tubes.

To get the most out of this fun set, it’s definitely best to combine it with more tiles so that you can build larger structures which is of course an excellent excuse to get some more CONNETIX sets to play with.

CONNETIX Rainbow Ball Run Review

It’s a great toy for my kids, especially for my youngest who is a huge marble run fan and who loves this supersized version of that kind of toy. The transparent tubes are great as it means children can enjoy watching the balls zoom through the course and we also love that there are so many different tubes to choose from to create your designs.

This is our first experience with CONNETIX and we’re very impressed with the quality and the cool designs of the pieces. We will definitely be expanding in the future!

Collaboration. This set was provided for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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