Consider These 7 Things When Hiring International Movers

Consider These 7 Things When Hiring International Movers

Consider These 7 Things When Hiring International Movers

If you’re getting ready to move abroad, you already know how many things you need to manage and balance. The process can be arduous, and for this reason, many people consider seeking out the help of an international moving company. If this is something that you’re considering, the following will outline a few things you want to keep in mind when you’re selecting a company and working with them.

Of course, every family is different, and it’s entirely possible that you’ll have additional considerations that aren’t included on this list, especially when moving abroad. Be sure to start from a place of medical and well-being awareness for you and your family. Make sure that everyone’s mental, emotional, and physical needs are kept front and center throughout the moving process. This might mean that things take more time than you initially expect them to. This is okay. Every family needs to go at their own pace.

  • Dedicate Time For Emotions

Moving is an emotional process. Leaving one home behind and approaching another is a huge emotional undertaking. Be sure to leave room for emotional moments throughout the process. This is especially important if children are going to be moving with you. Speak to them about what they can expect, make it clear that all emotions are welcome, and help keep them involved in the process. 

If you’re going to be packing and bringing sentimental items, be sure to give yourself time to reminisce a little. Expressing your emotions authentically throughout the moving experience can help reduce the risks of regrets.

Consider These 7 Things When Hiring International Movers
  • Find A Team That Handles Your Locations

Foremost, when selecting an international moving company, you want to be sure that you find a team of professionals that handles the location you’re moving from and the one you’re moving to. For example, if you’re located in the United Kingdom and are moving to New Zealand, you want to find a team that handles international shipping to New Zealand. You want to be sure that the team handles door-to-door moving. You don’t want to find out that your stuff is piled up in some warehouse somewhere near your new home; you want the stuff to arrive at your home. 

Moving internationally is difficult enough without organizing a moving truck within moments of arriving in your new country.

  • Downsize

No matter how skilled your moving company is, the cardinal rule of moving still applies: the less you have to move, the easier it’s going to be. Moving items abroad is expensive, and packing and unpacking is a lengthy process. Smooth the entire experience by minimizing the number of possessions you have. Take the time to sort through what you own, donate what you no longer need, sell any items that you can, and dispose of things that are broken beyond repair. Be sure to keep in mind the space that you’re going to have in the new place and keep items accordingly. 

Moreover, you might want to consider leaving any clothing that is drastically inappropriate given a new climate with a friend or family member for your return. Finally, take note of any items that won’t be able to plug into the walls without converters. You might find it easier to get a new version of this item when you arrive. If you’re unsure, you can speak to your moving company for advice.

Not only will downsizing your possessions make a move easier on everyone involved, but it will also help keep your new home feeling fresh and clutter-free. Unpacking and getting used to a new country is going to be stressful, but having less to unpack can really help with this.

One section of items not to get rid of are toys and personal effects that children use to soothe themselves. Again, moving to a new country can be stressful for everyone involved; make sure that your children’s little comforts are accounted for.

Consider These 7 Things When Hiring International Movers
  • Critically Read Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your possible moving companies by the locations they offer, it’s time to sift through reviews of their services. Take the time to critically read reviews. If a reviewer has given a ton of raving reviews or a whole slew of scathing reviews, it’s possible this person is just highly optimistic or negative and should be discounted in your decision-making process. Once you’ve narrowed your options down even further by positive reviews, you can compare quotes from your three or four final choices.

The above tips should help you select and work with an international moving company. Make sure that in addition to these steps, you’re speaking to an accountant about what tax requirements you need to meet, an immigration lawyer about any visa responsibilities you need to be aware of, and a health insurance provider about what health insurance you might need.

Author: Allen Brown.

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