Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas A Mum Reviews

Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

This week, I’m guest blogging for Snapfish. You can see this post over on their blog here.

Christmas is quickly getting closer and it’s time to start getting organised and to think about gifts for loved ones. I love receiving and giving personalised gifts that are original and designed just for the recipient. A lot of thought and love goes into gifts like that and that makes them mean more.

When it comes to stocking fillers, Snapfish is a great place to go to create unique gifts that are the perfect size to fit into a lovely Christmas stocking. Mugs, phone cases, key rings, small acrylic photo prints and, of course, Christmas ornaments make perfect stocking stuffers.

I have created a few different types of small gifts that I’ll be giving away as stocking fillers this year.

The first thing I created was a Christmas ornament. When I was a little girl, I had my own Christmas bauble and I loved it. It was a white plastic one that I’d received in a Happy Meal I think but I really loved having my very own Christmas decoration that I could hang in the tree every year. Because of that fond memory, I’ve been wanting to get my daughter her very own ornament to enjoy at Christmas time and to cherish forever. It’s her second Christmas this year and now she has her own, personalised ornament to hang in the tree this year and for many years to come.

It’s a round and thick porcelain disk with your chosen photo on both sides and a red ribbon through a small hole so that you can hang it up. I chose a photo from my daughter’s first Christmas where she’s happily sitting on my lap and I’m dressed in my Christmas jumper and she’s in her little Mrs Santa dress. It’s a memory that I love and that is very suitable to hang in our tree.

Maybe I can make one each year and use a photo from this Christmas next year and so on to show how our family grows. That would be lovely!

You can also make snowflake shaped ornaments with Snapfish and they look really cute too.Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas A Mum Reviews

The next thing I made was a mug. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator so I added one of my own designs that I particularly like. The mug looks great!

A personalised mug would be a great gift for anyone and you can add a photo that you really like from a memory shared with the recipient – like one from a fun holiday you enjoyed together – or a photo of grandchildren to give to grandparents. If you’re a parent, a sweet thing to do could also be to scan a drawing that your kids have made and add it to the mug and give it to your other half. The area of print is like a Polaroid picture and you can add different stylings and text, too.Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas A Mum Reviews

The last things I created were two beautiful acrylic photo prints. The ones I made are postcard sized but there are larger sizes to choose from, too. The photos look amazing behind a 0.2″ acrylic plate and they come with free desk-stands so that you can display your photos on a bookshelf, mantel piece or windowsill for example. You can also hang them on the wall.Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas A Mum Reviews

The acrylic panel gives a very modern and stylish look and gives your photos all the attention without a frame taking it away from them.

I made one with a baby photo of my daughter and one with my favourite photo that I’ve taken of Sheffield. I’m very happy with the result!Creating Your Own Crafty Stocking Stuffers for Christmas A Mum Reviews

Personalised keyrings and phone cases also make brilliant stocking stuffers. Snapfish has a range of phone cases for smartphones by Apple and Samsung.

My Christmas stocking stuffers are all sorted now and it was so much fun creating these unique gifts that I’m sure their recipients will love.

I created these products in collaboration with Snapfish. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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