Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review

Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review

The Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe is like their Ultra Mat but with another great feature a fold out sun shade to use to protect your forward-facing car seat from the sunlight and heat when parked outside in the sunshine. This ensures that the car seat is nice and cool when you return to your car and means you can get going straight away.Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

The Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe is a full length mat that fits under your car seat and completely protects your car upholstery against scratches and dents from car seats. When used with rear-facing car seats it also protects the upholstery from kicking legs and dirty shoes!

It’s made from five carefully constructed layers featuring PentaLock technology. The high density foam core and DuraBase layer make sure the weight of the car seat is evenly distributed and prevents any indentations to the upholstery. There’s a tab in the middle that slips between the seat and the back rest to keep the mat in position and the FlexiGrip backing moulds to the shape of your car and ensures a secure fit and prevents slipping brilliantly.

The top layer is durable, tightly woven and coated to resist dirt and spills even liquids to help keep the mat clean. There are rubber panels to ensure the car seat stays put and these also help prevent wear and tear caused by pressure points. It’s a very durable solution that will keep our car looking as nice as possible.

The mat is waterproof and washable and can be used with rear-facing or forward-facing seats, infant carriers and booster seats. It’s compatible with Isofix or seatbelt installed car seats.

Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

On the bottom there’s a handy pocket to keep small items tidy, like small books and toys. The sun shade is neatly hidden away in the zipped pocket. Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

As you can see, the bottom bit pokes out a bit because of the sun shade which means it would be a bit in the way if you’d want to use the seat without the car seat in. The Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe is so easy to attach and remove though so that’s not really a problem. You simply clip in on around the bars of the headrest and the non-slip properties of the mat does the rest and keeps it in place.Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

I love how stylish the mat is. It’s very minimalistic with the black colour and the red details and it blends into our car really well. The red trims happen to go really well with our car seat too!

You can really feel how great the quality is! This mat is going to last us many years and will make sure our car looks nice after all the car seat years have passed. Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe Review A Mum Reviews

The sun shade is such a great feature! It is so nice not to have to air the car out to try to cool down the car seat after a day out somewhere. Now we can just fold away the sun shade and get going. Diono products are always really practical but stylish too, that’s what I love the most about the brand.

Read more on the Diono website and buy from Amazon.co.uk or other shops that sell car equipment for children. It costs around £25 which is very good value for such a high quality product.

We were gifted two Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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