Discover The Best Furnished Apartments In Barcelona For Your Stay

Discover The Best Furnished Apartments In Barcelona For Your Stay

Discover The Best Furnished Apartments In Barcelona For Your Stay

Spain is home to an exciting culture, historical marvels and an exotic experience for any traveller. If you plan on visiting, you need to be prepared accordingly. That’s why today, we will go over furnished monthly apartments for rent in Barcelona and where you should be looking.

But First…

Before we discuss where you should be exploring, let’s establish the basic pointers for planning a stay at a furnished rental. You must take precautions and avoid rookie mistakes. After all, you want a comfortable stay, not one mired by constant hassle.

  • Be Clear About Requirements

Most rentals are always equipped with the basics like beds, seating, simple kitchen equipment and WiFi. But if you have any other needs that require consideration, keep it front and centre. For example, don’t expect every property to be pet friendly if you plan on taking a pet with you.

Or if you are differently abled, then you need accessibility requirements which might not be offered everywhere. This is especially important because your safety should be the utmost priority.

  • Define A Budget

Don’t commit to anything until you can financially manage it. Some properties will be pricier than others, so you must set a budget to avoid constraints. Something worth noting is that if you have special needs or considerations, you might need to pay a little extra. So make sure you set aside the money accordingly.

  • Expect Noise

Barcelona is a lively, fast paced city. There’s always a lot going on, so you should expect to deal with noise most of the day. While some areas are quieter than others, you should still anticipate noise so you don’t get blindsided.

Discover The Best Furnished Apartments In Barcelona For Your Stay

The Best Areas To Explore

Now that we have sorted priorities let’s look into which areas are popular in the short-term rental market. Deciding on one over the other largely depends on preference since many offer perks like closeness to shops, great views, etc.

  • Eixample

A name that seems like a typo at first, but we assure you it’s not. This area is kept at the top because it guarantees one of the most important aspects of staying anywhere. Safety. The neighbourhood is almost entirely residential but is well connected with the rest of the city through public transport.

  • Barri Gòtic & El Born

Barri Gotic, or “The Gothic Quarter” in English, is a historically enriching area to rent. Not only do you find architecture from the Medieval era, but you can also make the most of its vibrant atmosphere.

On the other side of The Gothic Quarter, you’ll have El Born. This is where you go for the excitement of nightlife. Apart from that, you can also visit the boutiques and art galleries to indulge in the cultural magnificence of Barcelona.

  • Gràcia

For those who want a cozy and comforting area, look no further than Gracia! With its bohemian energy and local vibes, you’ll feel right at home. Over here, you can find a variety of eclectic shops along with squares you can explore. The relaxed vibe is sure to help you unwind when needed.

  • Barceloneta

Are you a beach lover? Then Barceloneta was made for you! This area is extremely popular because it fully embraces the beachy/summer vibe. Not only are you close to the warm beaches of Barcelona, but you’ll also be surrounded by the best seafood restaurants the city has to offer.

  • Sarrià

Like Eixample, this is considered among the safest areas to rent in. And the scenic benefits are also a great bonus. Sarria is built vertically, so it’s fairly high up in the city. This means you get some of the most stunning views from the comfort of your apartment.

  • Sant Antoni

And, of course, who can forget Sant Antoni? It’s about as cosmopolitan as a city neighbourhood can be. It provides a fairly rustic touch to its accommodation (though that’s mostly due to time). It also has a calm and almost sleepy atmosphere about it. But you’ll also be able to find lovely wine bars, amazing brunch places and run into spunky youngsters.


So, did you get all that? Don’t worry if you didn’t; at the end of the day, this article is here as a resource so you can keep coming back to it.

With everything covered, let’s summarize what we learned. You need to outline a clear set of priorities before you start looking for rentals, including a defined budget, accessibility and pet-friendly policies.

Aside from that, Barcelona has multiple neighbourhoods you can explore simply for their scenic qualities. But in more specific terms, you should look at Sarria and Eixample for a largely residential and safe area. Head to Gracia for somewhere that goes at a slow pace. Check out Barri Gotic and El Born to chase the excitement. If the beach is a priority, then opt for Barceloneta. And if you want a combination of these qualities, Sant Antoni is the ideal fit for you!

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