10 Sunshine Essentials For Kids

10 Sunshine Essentials For Kids A Mum Reviews

10 Sunshine Essentials For Kids

We might be at the end of the summer but sunshine could still be around the corner, especially with many of us going on sunny holidays in September. I wish we were!

Whether you’re at home or abroad, if you are spending time outdoors in the sunshine with young children there are a few items that are great to have to keep the little ones safe and cool in the sun. Below are my must-haves:

  1. Sun hat: The scalp is often ignored but burns so easily. Make sure your children wear a sun hat – preferably one with a cap and neck protection. Hats that tie under the chin are great for babies and toddlers since they like to try to pull their hats off. Most small children refuse to wear sun glasses but a cap or a wide brimmed hat is a great alternative way to protect their eyes. Here‘s one from Boots.
  2. Sun cream: Stock up on children’s sun cream with SPF 50. Children’s sun cream is often water resistant and suitable for sensitive skin. My husband and I often use children’s sun cream too so that the whole family can share a bottle.
  3. Lip balm with SPF: Lips are another often forgotten area but they burn really easily too so it’s important to use a lip balm with SPF on yourself and your children. Older kids will love having their own stick of lip balm to reapply throughout the day.
  4. UV-suit: These are great if you are going swimming in the sea or in an outdoor pool but also just for days out when it’s hot for extra protection. You should still use sun cream, though! They come in lots of fun designs.
  5. Parasol: Children shouldn’t really spend a lot of time in direct sunshine so it’s a good idea to create shaded areas outside for your family by using a large parasol in the garden. They provide great protection from the sun’s harmful rays but still allow you to enjoy the warm weather. Sun tents are also good and fun for little ones.
  6. Pram shade: If you are out and about with a child in a pram, use a pram shade to protect your child from the sun when in the pram and to offer a dark and cool place for naps.
  7. Water: When it’s warm you need to drink more and your children do too. Make sure you have cold water available at all times. You can get bottles with freezer sticks that keep drinks cold for longer.
  8. Ice lollies: Another efficient way to cool down is by eating homemade ice lollies. You can make healthy ones with juice, fruit or yoghurt. Get your children involved in the process too – they’ll love creating their own flavour combinations.
  9. Paddling pool: Splashing around in cool water is a quick way to cool down and provides lots of entertainment as well.
  10. Summer shoes: Warm feet are not fun for anyone. Keep your kids’ feet cool with some nice and comfortable sandals. There are lots of styles available to choose from – Crocs, jelly sandals or classic leather ones.

Remember that children’s skin is more sensitive to the sun so it’s essential to protect it well to keep it healthy now and in the future.


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