Do You and Your Family Eat Healthily?

Do You and Your Family Eat Healthily? A Mum Reviews

Do You and Your Family Eat Healthily?

First Tunnels is a company that specialises in polytunnels for gardeners big and small who want to grow fruit and vegetables, plants and flowers for themselves or commercially.

They have produced a Growing your own fruit and vegetables survey all about how families grow their own fruit and vegetables and how they eat. They are curious to know why people decide to grow their own crops and the impact it has on family life and children’s eating habits.

Do you grow your own fruits or vegetables? We had a little vegetable patch a few years ago and we grew spinach, lettuce, strawberries and sunflowers. It was easier than I thought and we managed to grow loads with just a few packs of seeds and not much cost at all. It does of course require more work than buying from the supermarket but it’s fun too. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was washing all the leaves before eating them.

I think I would grow my own vegetables more if I had a greenhouse or lived in a warmer country. My neighbour has a greenhouse and he grows lovely tomatoes! I would need a bit more time too though currently the kids take up all my time. I hope that I can introduce them to growing your own vegetables when they’re a bit older to teach them how it all works.

Please take the survey here and hopefully I can share the results with you when it closes. Do You and Your Family Eat Healthily? A Mum Reviews

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