Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners A Mum Reviews

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners

According to Maid for you Sydney, green cleaning is the smartest way to clean your home. It is also one of the greatest cleaning techniques that you should learn as a homeowner as there are many benefits to green cleaning. It is cheap, ingredients can often be found in your home and are safe to use. It does not require too many procedures which enables you to finish the task quickly too.

Green cleaning is now a popular trend. More homeowners have categorised themselves as green cleaners and are big believers of using organic products in cleaning a home or office.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners A Mum Reviews

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips

Here’s a compilation of a selection of the most useful tips from green cleaners:

Know the basics. 

The basics of green cleaning involve the use of organic and less toxic materials than you would usually find in your kitchen cleaning cupboard. These are the cleaning materials that were used by your grandma back in the days!

Some examples of basic green cleaning supplies are:

  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) – an alkaline compound with a granular compound that you use to dissolve deposits of dirt.
  • White vinegar – disinfectant, can remove dirt quickly
  • Lemon juice – disinfectant, effective in removing grease
  • Borax – disinfectant and whitener
  • Olive oil – can remove dirt and polishes the wood surfaces
  • Castile soap – vegetable-based soap that can remove any type of dirt

If you have most of these in your kitchen, then you’re already set up for green cleaning! So, the next step is to learn how to use these items properly and learn to follow suitable procedures.

Learn the procedure.

Green cleaning is useful if you know how to use the products or materials. Most organic cleaning supplies have similar usages and purposes.

However, some procedures should be followed when using these eco-friendly products. It is essential to follow these and to be aware of its proper usage before your cleaning spree. You could be doing it the wrong way. So, check how to use it first!

Here are some useful procedures that are worth considering:

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  • How to unclog the drain.

Use a strainer to avoid clogged drains in the first place. Hair follicles, food crumbs, used oil, and other types of dirt can clog the drain in your kitchen or bathroom if left for a long time.

If this happens, pour a pot of boiling water into the drain to remove the blockage. You can also utilise a mix of baking soda and vinegar to loosen the dirt that is blocking the drain.

If it does not work well, you will need the plumber to do the job. Professional help is highly recommended to avoid mistakes and to prevent you from spending on expensive labour and repairs.

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  • How to clean the windows.

Vinegar and water are effective in cleaning windows. It removes dirt and will make your windows look clearer.

Pour 3 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of water into the sprayer. Shake it properly and use it to wipe the windows.

You can also use lemon juice mixed in water. Dry the window using a clean cotton rag or a newspaper. Give it a few minutes, and then you’ll have a sparkling clean window.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners A Mum Reviews

  • How to clean the fridge.

Baking soda is a scent absorbent. It absorbs any bad odours and sanitises your fridge at the same time.

Mix 2 tablespoon baking soda and 1 quart of water in a clean bucket. Soak the clean rag for a few seconds and use it to wipe the surface of the fridge.

You should not use soap and detergent when cleaning your fridge. It can leave a soapy odour that your food might absorb.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips from Green Cleaners A Mum Reviews

  • How to use lemon juice in your laundry

Lemon is a bleach substitute. It can remove dirt and also deodorise your clothes at the same time.

Add a cup of lemon juice on your load wash. Mix it with the usual laundry detergent.

Use the right amount of lemon juice to avoid aggravating the fabric or material of your clothes.

If you are hand washing, dab a small amount onto the stained area of your clothes and scrub it gently.

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  • Do not rule out green cleaning products.

Some green cleaners use eco-friendly products to clean their homes. It can be purchased from your local store, or you can buy it online.

There are lots of green cleaning products that are available but it is essential to check the labels of every product before using it.

There is nothing wrong with using commercially made cleaning products as long as you choose the right ones. However, you should be aware that some products may require more scrubbing and effort.

It is vital to keep a clean and well-maintained house for your family’s health and the use of eco-friendly cleaning products should be highly promoted as it gives people better options for home cleaning procedures.

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