Fade Away Sleep Sounds Review – The Clever White Noise Company

Fade Away Sleep Sounds Review - The Clever White Noise Company A Mum Reviews

Fade Away Sleep Sounds Review – The Clever White Noise Company

Fade Away Sleep Sounds is a company that provides white noise to help babies settle and sleep. You buy the sounds as a file and simply play them from your MP3-player, smartphone or tablet.

There’s a bunch of great sounds available to choose from and they are the classic things we use around the house that many babies seem to find very soothing, like vacuum cleaners, running water, hair dryer and more. The company also offers sounds for adults like thunder storms and ocean sounds that help us relax.

What’s makes Fade Away Sleep Sounds different to other white noise companies is that their sounds have a very slow, very gradual fade to silence at the end of each track.

It’s so gradual, your baby will not notice it. This is good because it means it helps settle your baby but sort of weans them off it at the same time so that they’re not completely dependent on the noise being on all the time.Fade Away Sleep Sounds Review - The Clever White Noise Company A Mum Reviews

My newborn who’s probably not a newborn now at 2 months has always seemed to settle better when hearing certain sounds in the house. She’s never really been anywhere completely quiet since her toddler sister is always making lots of noise! She particularly seems to like the sound of our shower and a running a bath, the dishwasher, washing machine or the dryer. Very classic and therefor I opted for the two first bundles of white noise from Fade Away Sleep Sounds as they have the following sounds: Sink Sounds, Shower Sounds, Bathtub Sounds, Clothes Dryer Sounds, Washing Machine Sounds and Vacuum Sounds. Perfect for us!

I have downloaded the files onto my iPad and can play them from there whilst also using the iPad for other things such as my emails. The different sounds are all really good and seems to help my baby to settle without me having to run the vacuum around the room yet again. Since I always have my iPad or phone with me, I also always have the sounds as well in case I need help settling my baby when we are out and about or staying somewhere else. It’s a very convenient format and most importantly, the sounds help my baby sleep.

You can sample the sounds on the website and buy each one separately or opt for bundles. There are some free downloads available too. Read more and find the right white noise for you or your baby here.

I was given the opportunity to trial these sounds for free for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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