Top 5 Best Baby Monitors 2018

Top 5 Best Baby Monitors 2018 A Mum Reviews

Top 5 Best Baby Monitors 2018

Not all families with babies and young children use baby monitors but many parents feel that they’re a very useful way to keep an eye on their children while they’re sleeping in their own bedrooms.

There are many options on the market and which one is best for you depends on your needs. It can be quite challenging to choose one though so here’s a few suggestions to help with the search.

A quick summary of the 5 best baby monitors in 2018:

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8

Infant Optics DXR-8 has a video display of very high quality during the day and night. The monitor also features high-quality bi-directional intercom audio system that allows you to talk to your baby or sing their favourite lullaby remotely. The unit comes with a baby room temperature monitor, a remotely adjustable/zoom camera and encrypted wireless communication. This feature makes it be at the top in this list of best baby monitors of 2018. DXR-8 can work with only audio if you prefer and it can also be expanded up to 4 cameras to be placed in various places in your home which is ideal if you have several young kids that you need to monitor. Once installed, all you need is to press a button on monitor’s receiver to switch between the different camera locations.

  1. Cocoon Cam

Cocoon Cam baby monitor uses a smartphone instead of an external display. It has a 720p HD display which helps with clarity. However, the video feed might become a bit uneven if your Wi-Fi is not strong enough. Cocoon Cam is a baby monitor that features instant alerts, secure HD video, and a real-time breathing monitoring, thus giving parents the greatest peace of mind. The real-time breathing nursing system monitors the baby’s breathing while sleeping, which should help you feel more reassured. The Intelligent Monitor alerts you when your baby’s breathing changes or if he or she wakes up or cries.

  1. Lollipop Smart

Lollipop Smart is a fabulous baby monitor that uses many of principles that are used in the Cocoon Cam too. The unit uses an innovative camera that is fixed on a flexible stick which can be attached to the top of the crib, supported on a vertical stand or mounted on the wall. This flexibility is ideal for the different stages of baby’s development. For newborn babies who are not old enough to get up and unmount the camera, it can be mounted directly on the top rail of the crib, giving you the perfect view of your sleeping baby.

  1. Babysense (Smilism)

This Babysense baby monitor comes with a lot of great features, which include a bidirectional intercom, a room temperature monitoring system, a remote zoom, an Eco-mode which keeps the screen off until the baby makes a sound, some music options like lullabies among others. Also, you can expand it up to 4 cameras utilizing the same base unit. From its base screen, you can scroll through and select the camera you want to see at any time. You can’t use all the cameras simultaneously on the same base screen.

  1. Avent SCD630

Avent has a celebrated history of producing quality products, including the excellent DECT monitor, and this SCD630. The SCD630 screen looks excellent, with good night vision and 720p high resolution. If you want a closer look, you can zoom in which is handy. Keep in mind that this camera needs to be perfectly aligned, because you cannot move or tilt the camera remotely to make your baby visible. Use the ECO mode, which saves energy in the display unit by turning off the screen. This technology allows it to turn its display on when it detects a sound from your baby.

With the help of the above short reviews of the Best Baby Monitors available in the market, you can see some of options you can choose from and select a baby monitor that will suit your needs.

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