What’s Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib

What's Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib? A Mum Reviews

What’s Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib?

We all want our babies to sleep in a safe and sound environment day and night. You could be torn between deciding to buy a crib or a Moses basket. In this guide, we will answer all your questions including when you can move your baby to a baby cot bed.

So which one is best, Moses Basket or crib?

The first few months of a baby’s life are sleeping times. They spend most of their time closing their little eyes while snoozing gently. Choosing a safe and comfortable environment for the baby to sleep soundly is something you should not trade for anything. Most parents find it hard to decide whether to buy Moses basket or a crib for their lovely little ones.

Well, this depends on the parents’ personal preferences. What your baby’s sleeping routine is, also determines which one is best between the two choices. To help you make a decision that satisfies your needs, we have described each of them stating clearly their pros and cons as below:

What's Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib? A Mum Reviews

Is a Moses Basket the good choice?

Moses basket is the most portable sleeping bed for babies. They are best if you want to use them during the day to have the baby near you whichever room you are in. They are safely constructed and come in sizes that offer enough space for the small ones. They are light and you can easily move them from one place to another to keep the baby close to you. You can also rest a Moses basket on the floor or you can buy a stand that is sold separately to rest it on. A stand is great to protect your back when bending down and also good if you have older children or pets as you can keep your baby further away from the floor.

Before you decide to buy Moses basket for your little one, it is important to ensure that the space that comes with it is enough to last. Check whether it is too small that your baby can outgrow it really quickly. Keep in mind that the baby is supposed to use the Moses basket for as long as he/she is not mobile. This means that there is a possibility of transferring the baby to a crib by the time they are around 5 months or whenever they start sitting up and pulling themselves up. Those are things you should consider when selecting a good-sized Moses basket for your child. A Moses basket can easily fit in your bedroom compared to a baby cot bed which requires a bit more space.

What's Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib? A Mum Reviews

What about a crib?

Cribs are also suitable for younger babies. They provide plenty of space for the baby to sleep safe and sound. Some cribs have a rocking base to soothe your little one to sleep. This is the best choice if you notice that your baby likes to be in motion while asleep. The difference between a crib and a Moses basket is that cribs are sturdy and a bit bigger in size. With that, you expect them to last longer than the Moses basket. Depending on the crib’s type and size, your baby can sleep on it for up to 6 months before transferring to a mini cot bed. The sturdiness of a crib’s frame tells you that it cannot be moved from one place to another like the Moses basket.

Safety tips when choosing a Moses basket or crib

  • It is advisable to buy a brand new Moses basket or crib instead of a second hand.
  • It is safer to rest Moses basket on the floor instead of putting it on a stand.
  • If you are moving Moses basket from place to place with the baby inside it, use both hands; one on both handles and the other one supporting the bottom.
  • If you buy a crib that has the rocking feature, make sure it has a working lock mechanism to enable you to stop the swaying motion when needed.

What's Best for Your Baby: Moses Basket or Crib? A Mum Reviews

So what happens when they outgrow Moses basket and crib?

So here comes the stage where you really need cot-bed for your baby. They are perfect for bigger babies because they offer a larger space and they are sturdier.

Choosing a Cot

A mini cot bed gives your small one a safe environment to sleep in once they have become more mobile and more active. They are larger in size than Moses baskets and cribs but are a bit smaller than cot-beds. They can also fit so well in your bedroom without taking up too much space.
You can check out for a wide selection of beautiful design Mokee cots that you can choose from. They also have a beech wood cot that is durable and has a beautiful design too. beech wood cot provides plenty of room for your baby until they are around 2 years old.

Choosing a cot-bed

A baby cot bed lasts longer and is a great choice for those who are looking for a larger baby cot. Most of them are designed in a way that you can convert them into your baby’s first bed by removing the panels on the side. This can be so helpful to a baby in his/her early years until they are about 3 years of age. Cot-beds are smaller than the normal size single bed, it is important to note that. You will eventually need to transfer the baby to a proper bed when they get older. Mokee has great designs of cot-beds you can choose for your baby including the cot’s mattress and accessories. Check them out and take home great Mokee cots that will sort out all your baby’s sleeping needs.

Take out

It could feel like a big transition moving a baby from the Moses basket to a cot. So it is important to let the baby sleep in the appropriate bed during each stage of development. When you choose the right bed, make sure you don’t gamble when it comes to the right choice of the bedding as well. Mokee offers comfortable mattresses, bedding and natural fiber-made sleeping bags that offer extra comfort. Your baby’s comfort while sleeping should be any parent’s priority. Choose the items carefully to encourage your baby to sleep safe and sound every night.

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