Introducing Little Seeds | Organic Cotton Baby Clothes & More

Introducing Little Seeds — Organic Cotton Baby Clothes And More

Introducing Little Seeds – Organic Cotton Baby Clothes And More | AD

For feather-soft and eco-friendly baby clothes, swaddles, sleepsuits and more, look no further than UK-based baby clothes brand, Little Seeds

What are Little Seeds’ Top Organic Cotton Products? 

  • Swaddles

Little Seeds’ easy-to-use swaddles are perfect for comforting small babies and lowering the risk of a baby waking themselves through their startle reflex. All this, in breathable and durable organic cotton, with a design that allows parents to wrap their bundle of joy up into the perfect fitting baby burrito! You can shop baby swaddles online for more options for your little loved ones.

  • Sleepsuits 

Perfect for quickly zipping up (and zipping down for speedy nighttime changes), their organic cotton sleepsuit is all-in-one to keep your baby warm while they sleep. Each one comes with handy fold-over sleeves, which can be used as scratch guards, and the option for attached feet for extra cosiness — while still allowing airflow through the breathable organic cotton, which can help maintain a comfortable temperature. 

Introducing Little Seeds — Organic Cotton Baby Clothes And More
  • Baby Sleeping Bags 

Another bedtime option in breathable organic cotton is their sleeping bags — which keep their arms free of covers while their lower half is covered with a super soft quilt. This design is ultra-safe, as there is no risk that the blankets can move from their legs, and it still allows plenty of kicking room!

  • Muslin Cloths

Parents will know how handy a set of muslin cloths can be — from a shoulder protector ready for burping, a fabric soft enough to wipe your baby’s face, or a light cover when breastfeeding, and muslin cloths have endless uses. And Little Seeds’ organic cotton muslin cloths are durable and eco-friendly, too!

  • Bodysuits

Whether worn as a light summer top or an extra layer to keep toasty warm in winter, the baby bodysuit or romper is essential. Organic cotton is an excellent idea because it can take lots of wear from wiggles and washes — not least of all because of its breathable qualities, which can help lower the risk of babies overheating. 

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