Festivals around the World – Dubai Shopping Festival

Festivals around the World – Dubai Shopping Festival A Mum Reviews

Festivals around the World – Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a place known for glamour and luxury shopping and the city even has a festival celebrating all this! Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF has been celebrated for 23 years now and it’s a very exciting yearly event.

The Dubai Shopping Festival lasts a full month and is usually scheduled for December and January each year. It all started back in 1996, on February the 16th, with the intention to benefit retail trade in Dubai but now it’s very much a tourist attraction too as the month-long event attracts around 3 to 5 million tourist shoppers to Dubai every year.

The festival usually starts with a huge sale on the first day with impressive discounts on merchandise for shoppers at participating malls, shops and shopping centres throughout the city but that’s just the start.Festivals around the World – Dubai Shopping Festival A Mum Reviews

There are many other exciting things happening throughout the festival each year. Regular occurrences are daily car raffles and many other prizes too, amazing fireworks displays every weekend, live music performances, dedicated outdoor marketplaces, fashion shows, pop-up cinemas and, of course, plenty of food choices. Shopping makes you hungry!

It’s really an extravagant event that’s well worth attending if shopping and modern culture is your thing. There is so much happening and it’s not all about the shopping at all as the activities and shows are very varied. Of course, all the amazing deals are wonderful too and great if you want to save money on things like fashion, gold jewellery and perfume.Festivals around the World – Dubai Shopping Festival A Mum Reviews

The initial goal of benefiting retail trade in Dubai has definitely been reached and much more as it’s such a popular event and festival now that really makes a difference to Dubai’s tourism and economy.

The next Dubai Shopping Festival will be held on the 26th of December 2018 until the 28th of January 2019. Dubai is an amazing destination at all times of the year though with plenty to do and see. If you’re planning a trip for the Dubai Shopping Festival or a regular holiday, check out Destination2.co.uk (https://www.destination2.co.uk/) for some brilliant Dubai hotels for different budgets.

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