Festive Season Survival Guide for First-Time Breastfeeding Mums

Festive Season Survival Guide for First-Time Breastfeeding Mums A Mum Reviews

Festive Season Survival Guide for First-Time Breastfeeding Mums – By Lansinoh

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive season can appear slightly daunting to the first-time mum. Between last minute shopping runs, parties to host and family and friends coming and going add breastfeeding into the mix and time becomes more precious than ever.

Drawing on its three decades of breastfeeding advice and support, Lansinoh’s in-house healthcare professional and midwife, Wendy Blackwood, has compiled five helpful tips for the first-time breastfeeding mum that will help make things a little easier this Christmas.

1. Carry your baby in a sling

The crowds and noise of the season’s festivities can be stressful for your baby, so by carrying them in a sling, you can provide security when attending parties or Christmas shopping, as well as allowing you to have your hands free. It is also a handy tool to help you breastfeed easily on the move as you can pick up on their feeding cues and avoid your baby becoming fractious.

2. Alcohol and breastfeeding can mix – if carefully planned

If your baby is more than six weeks old and you want to have a festive tipple, ensure you pump beforehand so that you have a sufficient stock of breastmilk to feed your baby the next day. Alternatively, those who do fancy a little drink should have one with a meal shortly after a feed, so there is time for the body to process the alcohol before your baby needs to feed again.

3. Avoid being the host

If it’s your first Christmas breastfeeding, try not to add the extra stress of hosting your friends and family. Let someone else do the hosting for you if you can. If this is unavoidable, ask for help as having an extra pair of hands will give you the time to focus on your baby’s feeding needs. Don’t feel obliged to do more than you can during this time and let people know you’ll take your turn next year.

4. Remember to find some ‘quiet time’

At this busy time of year, you and your baby’s routine may be disturbed, so take every feed as an opportunity to enjoy some space and quiet for you and baby. Once they have finished feeding and are safely tucked up in a cot or Moses basket have a power nap you’ll both wake refreshed and enjoy the festive activities more.

5. Ditch the queues (and go online)

Fighting manic shoppers in the lead up to Christmas is not the easiest of feats, especially with a new-born. Skip the queues and have a leisurely browse and shopping experience from the comfort of your own home by going online.

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