GrandmaCore Interior Design – How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

GrandmaCore Interior Design – How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

GrandmaCore Interior Design – How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

GrandmaCore is the latest big trend. You might have seen it in fashion, but it’s also big in interior design. It’s a style that is becoming very popular and that is taking over homes everywhere. Let’s explore what GrandmaCore interior design really means and how you can achieve the GrandmaCore look in your bedroom.

GrandmaCore Interior Design – How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

What is GrandmaCore Interior Design?

This popular new home décor trend is all about embracing a vintage style. This includes furniture with a vintage/antique look, pretty fabrics such as lace, floral patterns, handmade details, fresh flowers, and retro accessories. If you are in your 30s or 40s now, think back to how your grandma’s home felt when you were little. And perhaps is now if you’re lucky and still have your grandmother. GrandmaCore is all about recreating that charming nostalgia of your grandmother’s home.

GrandmaCore Interior Design – How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

How to Design a GrandmaCore Bedroom

So, how can you incorporate the GrandmaCore trend into your bedroom? We’ll explore this below.

First consider your own style. Perhaps you want to embrace the GrandmaCore style fully. This would include all the interior design details in your bedroom, from top to bottom. Alternatively, perhaps you want a more discreet option with just a few elements that celebrate the vintage feel of the GrandmaCore trend. You do you. Choose which features you really love and include them in your home. Here are some things that you could consider to help you achieve that nostalgic, vintage look in your bedroom:

– Floral Walls

Starting with the base of the décor, the walls that provide the background. In GrandmaCore interior design, choosing vintage-inspired wallpapers is the natural choice. Specifically, look for delicate floral patterns or other classic patterns and motifs. Having a vintage look wallpaper will instantly provide an excellent base for the GrandmaCore style.

– Vintage Look Furniture

When it comes to furniture for this interior design look, try to find furniture that has a vintage look. Perhaps a vintage chest of drawers or bedside tables? When it comes to beds, there are a few options that will help you achieve a GrandmaCore look. Wooden beds are an excellent choice, for example. Metal bedframes with a vintage design would also work well.  

– Beautiful Fabrics

Fabrics are an important part of the GrandmaCore interior design trend. Look for beautiful bedlinen in vintage designs that compliment your wallpaper. Don’t forget the details – decorative cushions, a bed throw, etc. Another important area to pay attention to is your window decorations. Thicker pleated curtains in light colours work well. Adding a lace curtain is another way to incorporate the vintage look.

– Handmade Details

To achieve a GrandmaCore look, also remember to include handmade details. Classic items include crocheted or knitted items such as doilies, blankets, and decorative cushions.

– Fresh Flowers

    Fresh flowers are essential for this interior design trend. Choose classic bouquets with beautiful roses or other flowers that you love. You can get them from your local florist or supermarket and pop them in a vintage vase. Alternatively, you can pick them from your garden if you have one and are growing flowers there.

    – Family Heirlooms

    If you have some of your family heirlooms available, then they make the perfect accessories for a GrandmaCore bedroom. Put some old photos of your grandparents or other family members in beautiful frames and display them around the room. Decorate with other sentimental items – perhaps your grandma’s old jewellery box or your grandad’s old cigar box displayed on your chest of drawers.

    – Soft Lighting

    To achieve a cosy atmosphere in your GrandmaCore bedroom, choose warm and soft lighting. You can achieve this using bedside lamps with fabric lampshades. You can also add scented candles with a vintage style to the room.

    – Vintage Books

    Vintage books make a great addition for this style too. If you have a collection of beautiful vintage books, display them in your bedroom. These can include books from older relatives or ones that you’ve found in second-hand book shops. You can also purchase new books that have a vintage design such as the Penguin Clothbound Classics books.

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    Conclusion – GrandmaCore Interior Design for Bedrooms

    By incorporating some, or all, of the above ideas into your bedroom, you can achieve the GrandmaCore look with ease. It’s such a lovely trend that celebrates the nostalgia of the homes of our grandmothers. It’s beautiful and works especially well in a bedroom where the calm and cosy feel is sure to help you relax and unwind after a long day.


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