Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know A Mum Reviews

Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

A good diet and regular exercise are vital if you want to be a healthy human. But people often forget that pets need the same even pet owners; your dog should be getting the right nutrition and exercise for its breed every day. Dogs appreciate treats just like humans they can be treated with a number of gifts and health boxes from to keep them healthy.

If you don’t meet your dog’s needs, your dog’s health will suffer, along with its mood and temperament. But worry not, because keeping your pooch healthy isn’t as difficult as you think. A combination of the right diet, routine exercise, and the tips and tricks we’re about to discuss in this article will do the job. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Aim for Enough Exercise

The 30-minute rule we all know and love is a great start. The rule basically states that you need to take your dog on a walk for at least 30 minutes every day. That said, a 30-minute walk may not be enough if you have a high-energy breed of dogs.

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise tend to be overweight. You can check if your dog is by feeling their backbone and ribs. If you can’t actually feel the backbone or if there is a thick layer of fat covering their ribs, then your dog is probably overweight.

Pushing the exercise duration to between 1 and 1.5 hours is recommended. You can also use the PitPat activity tracker to get a better idea of how your dog is doing.

Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know A Mum Reviews

  • Find a Good Programme

Speaking of the PitPat tracker, you can now get one for free by getting a quote and signing up for cover at the Everypaw website. Everypaw is encouraging dog owners to exercise their dogs using the activity tracker in order to help them lose weight, as demonstrated during the Get Fido Fit programme.

Get Fido Fit was a 6-week programme created to highlight health issues some dogs face. It monitored the activity levels of three different dogs, which had each been given an exercise plan. The results found that by giving dogs the right exercise and diet, it’s fairly easy to get them to a healthy weight.

With the right exercise and diet, overweight dogs can lose up to 5 kilograms in around six weeks. Everypaw recommends that dog owners seek advice from veterinarians when creating an exercise programme, as it’s important to take into consideration the breed of your dog and its starting weight.

  • Get the Kids Involved

Helping your dog get healthy is a lot easier to do when the kids are involved. Rather than showering the dog with treats, you can teach your kids to take part in the exercises your dog needs to do. Nothing is more fun than sharing the afternoon walk with the entire family.

The same can be said for the games they play. Everyone can still have a lot of fun with the dogs while helping them reach their ideal weight.

Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know A Mum Reviews

  • The Diet

The last thing that must not be forgotten when you are trying to get your dog healthy is their diet. Cut down on treats, reduce the portion of their meals, and opt for frequent but healthy meals rather than big portions two or three times a day.

These adjustments, combined with the other tips we discussed in this article, are perfect for keeping the pooch in your life healthy. The closer they are to their ideal weight, the healthier they will be, and the more active and joyful they will become too.

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