Helpful Advice on How to Dress Your Newborn

Helpful Advice on How to Dress Your Newborn

Helpful Advice on How to Dress Your Newborn

Every mum gets overly excited before the arrival of her baby. So she often over prepares and overspends on all kinds of stuff she thinks will be useful for her newborn child. When it comes to baby clothing, literally no mother or mother-to-be can resist the cuteness of the tiny onesies and mini socks. Moreover, most expectant parents end up with piles of tiny baby clothes that are cute indeed, but once the baby arrives they are not sure what to choose when assembling an outfit. The good thing about dressing a newborn is that once you learn the basics, it becomes very simple and easy to dress your newborn.

With that in mind, we compiled a list of all things that needed to be considered in the act of buying baby clothes and how to use them properly while dressing the newborn baby.

Helpful Advice on How to Dress Your Newborn

What to Look for When Shopping for Baby Clothes

Before you go on a shopping spree for your baby and max out a credit card (or a couple), there are some things you should keep in mind while shopping for baby clothes.

First and foremost, all the baby clothes that you want to buy must be safe. What does this mean? In the baby stage of your child’s development and growth, you should avoid everything with big zippers or hard buttons. The people in charge of designing clothing pieces for babies are aware of that and design the clothes as safe as possible, but there are expectations of that motion. Wanting to make the clothes more unique or fashionable, there are brands that sell not-so-safe baby clothes.

Another thing to keep in mind is the materials. Try to purchase clothes that are mainly cotton and antiallergenic. They also should be functional and easy for you to actually put on your baby. The baby should also feel comfortable at all times, so try to find pieces that will allow easy movement and are breathable.

Here are some extra tips for purchasing baby clothes:

  • Machine washable materials – these types of clothes will save you so much time and energy, as opposed to washing them by hand.
  • Natural fibers – to make sure your baby’s skin doesn’t get irritated and to prevent any types of rashes.
  • Buy as many bodysuits – bodysuits are essential when it comes to keeping your baby warm, but they are also the ones that get dirty most often.
  • Aim for clothes that open at the front – they are easier to put on the baby and take off.
  • Buy bigger sizes of the basic pieces of clothing that work best for your baby – babies grow fast and you will go through clothes like crazy, so if you find a piece that works for your baby buy it in bigger sizes also.
Helpful Advice on How to Dress Your Newborn

How To Properly Dress Your Newborn Baby 

Once you become a new mum, every little detail concerning your baby can become overwhelming. But don’t worry. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to best dress your baby.

  • Before undressing your baby, make sure that the room you are in is warm and the baby doesn’t get agitated by the temperature difference
  • Then place your baby on a soft surface or a changing table if you have one.
  • Don’t forget to put on a fresh nappy every time you change your newborn baby.
  • Once the nappy is safely on, you can proceed to put a bodysuit on your baby. Make sure that during the process of dressing your baby, you always support its head with one of your hands.
  • Be mindful when putting things over your baby’s head. Babies can really get upset if something scratches their faces.
  • Once you get the bodysuit through your baby’s head, carefully and slowly and as gently as possible put the baby’s hands through the arms leaves. Sometimes it helps if you first stretch out the material with your own hand and simultaneously put the baby’s hand through the arm sleeve.
  • You can proceed to clothe your baby in other baby clothes. Don’t forget the socks, before putting anything else on.
  • Remember that there isn’t any shame in asking one of your other family members for help in the beginning. You will eventually learn what works best for you and your baby and you’ll develop your own dressing routine.

Other things to consider when dressing your baby are the occasion and the weather. If you are going on a walk during the day, make sure that you put your baby in something that covers as much skin as possible – to protect the baby from the sun if it’s sunny. If the weather is chilly, dress your baby with layers. If you are confused as to how many layers, take yourself as an example. If you need a jacket, your baby needs a jacket too. Always remember to put a hat on the baby to protect its head and ears and if you are worried about your baby being cold – double down on the bodysuits.

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