Holiday Confessions – True Confessions Day

Holiday Confessions with - True Confessions Day A Mum Reviews

Holiday Confessions – True Confessions Day

To tie in with True Confessions Day earlier this week, asked me to share a holiday confession of my own. True Confessions Day is a day that was created to inspire people to let go of their secrets and have a day of honesty. Traditionally people share their secrets to strengthen relationships and are looking to learn more about their customers via their holiday confessions. Read my confession below and see more holiday confessions here!Holiday Confessions with - True Confessions Day A Mum Reviews

My Holiday Confession

My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were on our first holiday in the sun together back in 2010. We had rented a lovely apartment in the Algarve, Portugal, for a week and it was right on the coast and by the long beautiful beach. Being so close to the beach we naturally visited daily for relaxing in the sand and swimming in the sea. The time of our holiday was the very end of September and the winds were quite strong some days which caused huge waves in the ocean. The large waves were loads of fun to swim in and jump around in but they also caused something else one day when I was stood very close to the shore.

A powerful wave came at us just as we were about to get out of the sea and head home for the day and it was so strong it managed to pull my bikini bottoms right off! I felt it happening but was not quick enough to hold them up before they came off so I quickly squatted down so that I was below the water to hide my bare lower half. Then I had to fiddle trying to get my bikini bottoms back on without standing up properly as that would have exposed me completely. Luckily they were still around my ankles and had not floated away completely and disappeared into the deep ocean for all eternity… I tried to move backwards a bit to reach deeper water so that I could stand up but with my bikini around my ankles this was quite a task – remember the waves were still crazy!

Eventually, I managed to get them back on and I could leave the water. During this whole time both my boyfriend and I were laughing so much because even though it was an embarrassing situation for me, it was also very funny! Once out of the sea, we grabbed our towels and bags and headed back to the apartment. Good thing it was close because there was a lot of sand in my bikini pants! I jumped straight in the shower to wash it all off and from now on I always use a one-piece bathing suit instead of a bikini when going into wild water! Sand can still get in but at least my bathing suit stays put so I don’t need to worry about accidentally flashing a beach full of tourists on holiday.

It was a great holiday though – we had lots of fun and left engaged.Holiday Confessions with - True Confessions Day A Mum Reviews

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