How Many Books Can You Return on Audible? Answers from Customer Service

How Many Books Can You Return on Audible? Answers from Customer Service

How Many Books Can You Return on Audible? Answers from Customer Service

I love Audible and have been a loyal customers for many years now. Most years, I have a 12-month-subscription and I also purchase additional credits and audiobooks alongside the one monthly credit that my subscription includes. Generally, I think they whole system works very well but one thing that I think should be more clear is how many books you can return with Audible.

Throughout my years as an Audible subscriber, I had returned some titles that I had started but that weren’t for me. At the end of 2023, I was having a bit of a digital decluttering session and that included my Audible app. I spotted two books that I had started but didn’t enjoy so decided to return them. I returned one book one day and the other the next. Overall, I had returned six audiobooks over my then 3 years as a customer.

After returning that 6th book, I was restricted from returning books myself – “not eligible for return” showing next to the books. I suspected that it was because I returned two books close together that this happened but customer service didn’t confirm this.

They did say that I can still return books but that I will have to do it through customer service from now on. I asked if the option to do returns myself would come back to my account but customer service said that only a “certain number of titles can be returned using the online tool”. I asked if this was forever and the customer service representative replied: “Yes, it is for every customer.”

This means that once you have lost the ability to return books yourself, you will not get it back. You would have to open a new account to get that function back which would make it inconvenient accessing your full library of Audible books. I also asked if customer service can edit this access but they cannot, they do not have access to this.

Next, I wanted to confirm that the lifetime number of returns was six as the representative had used the words “certain number”. They then changed their tune and said that it’s a certain number “but the numbers are not specified” which is contradicting.

I think the system as it is seems unfair and I would much prefer it if there was a yearly limit or a percentage of the books that you purchased that you were allowed to return. The unspecified number doesn’t make any sense at all – surely it should be the same for all customers?

What’s your experience with Audible return limits? Have customer service said something else to you? Please share in the comments below.

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