How to Care for your Scalp this Summer

How to Care for your Scalp this Summer

How to Care for your Scalp this Summer | AD

Summer is here and there is a lot of talk about how to look after your skin and hair in the warmer weather but what about your scalp?

It’s a common misbelief that dry scalp issues are more of a winter problem when spending a lot of time indoors with the central heating on, but summertime comes with heat and perspiration and that can aggravate scalp problems too. Spending time in the sun can exaggerate problems like scalp dryness and itchiness and trigger dandruff flare-ups too. And let’s not forget about the increased risk of skin cancer – the skin on the scalp is a common area for skin cancer to develop (approximately 13 percent of skin cancers are on the scalp).

Together with Mayraki Professionals, I will share some tips below for how to care for your scalp this summer.

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  • Cover up your scalp.

When the weather is hot and sunny, it’s important to cover up your scalp with a sun hat or a cap or a stylish head covering. This will help protect your scalp from sunburn. If you choose a hat with a wide brim, you will also protect your face and neck better. Most of your head might be covered and protected by hair but there are some very vulnerable areas such as your parting and the hairline which is why it’s important to remember to protect your scalp from the sun.

How to Care for your Scalp this Summer
  • Cleanse and exfoliate your scalp.

It’s important to regularly cleanse and exfoliate your scalp for optimum scalp health. This will remove product build-up, dead skin cells and sweat which will reduce scalp irritation, flakiness and dryness. Cleanse the scalp regularly and thoroughly, particularly in the summertime, to prevent various hair issues and to promote healthy hair growth too.

In addition to your shampoo, you can incorporate a natural scalp scrub into your routine, such as the Mayraki Camellia Sinensis Tea Leaf Probiotic Sea Salt Scalp Scrub. This product eliminates the build-up of product and dead skin cells while also hydrating and nourishing the scalp. It gently unclogs hair follicles and the mild, natural formula helps prevent dandruff and scalp irritation. When using the scalp scrub, massage your scalp gently to improve blood circulation which encourages strong and healthy hair and better hair growth.

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  • Style without heat.

Summertime is the perfect season for embracing heat-free styling and giving your hair and scalp a break from heat styling tools. Instead, enjoy your hair’s natural texture or opt for heat-free ways to style your hair such as creating beachy waves with braids overnight or creative up-dos.

The heat from the sun and the increased humidity can already wreak havoc on your hail and scalp health so avoiding heat styling is a good idea during the summer, especially.

  • Apply SPF to your scalp.

Hats are a great option for protecting your hair and scalp from the sun but it’s not always possible to wear one. If you can’t over up your scalp with a hat, apply hair and scalp SPF before spending time in the sun. There are some great options available on the market that you spray onto your hair and scalp, without leaving any residue. There are options for different hair types too so that you can get exactly what you need.

Let’s not forget about our scalps this summer! Let’s do what we can to protect our scalps from the sun and care for it in a way that will help reduce the risk of any scalp issues.  


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